AKMU Community Posts - 💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN DAEJEON [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Finally, this week! The long-awaited DAEJEON​​​​​​​ AKMUTOPIA has arrived right at your doorstep!💌 ✨Attention if you can confidently say "I'm a DAEJE

Jan 15, 2024

💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN DAEJEON [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Finally, this week! The long-awaited DAEJEON​​​​​​​ AKMUTOPIA has arrived right at your doorstep!💌 ✨Attention if you can confidently say "I'm a DAEJE

💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN Suncheon [AKMUTOPIA]💘 AKMU 👩‍❤️‍👨: “So lovely day, so lovely🎶 errday with you, our fans, lovely🎵” AKMU fans! Today is the day, it's AKMUTOPIA in Suncheon! Are you 140,...AKMU fans! As we enter the year of the Blue Dragon 🐉 in 2024, LEE CHANHYUK's 1st SINGLE [1 TRILLION] has been released! With its catchy, addictive melody that's already ringing in our ears 🎶, it’s a...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN Suncheon [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Hello, AKMU fans! 👋 Happening right this Saturday in Suncheon, it's AKMUTOPIA! Are you excitedly waiting❓👀 We've prepared a fun surprise to enjoy w...Hello AKMU fans! LEE CHANHYUK is back with his 1st SINGLE [1 TRILLION]! 🤩 LEE CHANHYUK's '1 TRILLION' gave us a burst of positive energy on the day of the first year 🌅 Check out the M/V TEASER📺 tha...💘AKMU 2024 CONCERT IN SUWON [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Today's the day! The much-awaited first AKMUTOPIA of 2024 is happening in Suwon! 🎊 AKMU fans~! Are you ready to have a blast with AKMU in Suwon for two whol...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN SUWON [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Happy New Year 2024! Wishing all our fans loads of happiness this new year! 🧧 The first performance of the year is right around the corner in Suwon at ...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN Changwon [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Everyone! Today is the day to have a blast at the Changwon AKMUTOPIA!💃🕺 Did you know that the sign language gesture for “I love you” is this “🤟”? ...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN Changwon [AKMUTOPIA]💘 #LongTimeNoSee After a long wait, the AKMUTOPIA Changwon concert is almost here, and AKMU is working really hard to meet your expectations🎙️ Are you...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN Daegu [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Everyone! Today and tomorrow! Don't forget the dress code for AKMUTOPIA in Daegu, which makes the fun 100 times better! Please share your unique pink lo...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN Daegu [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Everyone! The fifth AKMUTOPIA in Daegu is happening🎊 Thinking of meeting AKMU, #Really_Excited #Dress_Code_Unites_Everyone #Happy_Performance_Expected_...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN GOYANG [AKMUTOPIA]💘 GUYS! The much-awaited GOYANG AKMUTOPIA starts today~Meow😽 Make sure you've got your special items ready to enjoy the show twice as much! (◍⁃͈ᴗ•͈) 🔔S...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN GOYANG [AKMUTOPIA]💘 This time, AKMUTOPIA is coming right to Meow! GOYANG ~😽 Got any special items prepared to enjoy the AKMU concert?👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ Before heading to AKMUTOPI...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN GWANGJU [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Today! The Gwangju AKMUTOPIA opens! Are you ready to have a blast at the concert!?✋^0^🤚 💌 Surprise Mission💌 At the Busan AKMUTOPIA venue, capture A...2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES will be available worldwide on Weverse LIVE! Watch AKMU on Weverse Zone✨ [Date and Time] ⏰Thu. December 14, 2023, 4:00 PM (KST) [How to Enjoy 2023 AAA on Wev...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN GWANGJU [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Hey everyone! What’s your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE song you’d like to hear at the AKMUTOPIA Gwangju concert?🧐 Share your favorite song with the hashtag #AK...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN BUSAN [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Today's the day😁 Ah! The long-awaited~ Busan AKMUTOPIA is happening! ✋🤚 💌 Surprise Mission💌 At the Busan AKMUTOPIA venue, capture AKMU's lovely mome...💘AKMU 2023~2024 CONCERT IN BUSAN [AKMUTOPIA]💘 "Seoul~ Busan~ Gwangju~ Goyang~ Daegu~ checking them off, aha🎶 Changwon~ Suwon~ Suncheon~ Daejeon~ Incheon~ checking them off, aha🎶" The 2nd city of n...💘AKMU 2023 CONCERT [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Everyone! You haven’t forgotten the fact that the dress code for the AKMUTOPIA Seoul concert is pink!👚 We are ready to dye Seoul in the diverse colors of AKMU and ...💘AKMU 2023 CONCERT [AKMUTOPIA]💘 Hello everyone! For this Seoul concert, what style are you all planning to wear?❓👀 📮Dress Code Invitation If you haven't decided on an outfit yet~ How about enjoyin...📭 Ding dong~ AKMU's [Love Lee Moment Photo] has arrived! Even if I listen to music that's not my style 🎵 Even if I eat food I don’t like 🍽 Even if I get completely wet without an umbrella in the ra...FINALLY! The moment you've all been waiting for: AKMU's ‘후라이의 꿈’🍳 has been released 🥳 Laid-back melody crafted by CHANHYUK🎵 with SUHYUN's voice🗣️ and handwriting✏️ AKMU - ‘후라이의 꿈’ SPECIAL LYRIC VI...AKMU ‘Love Lee’ M/V OUT NOW 🩷 Spell L.o.v.e.L.e.e CUPID SUHYUN's🏹 first target🤳 Wonder if CHANHYUK the LOVER’s🎯 love has been fulfilled! Just by calling their names and looking at them So lovely d...📢 Announcement-! Starting today, in the dictionary 📖, it has been decided that Loveliness = Love Lee!! 🥰 If you want to see AKMU, that’s the definition of Love Lee, Please check out the 'Love Lee' ...AKMU IS COMING🩷 Love Lee AKMU has returned! Armed with the loveliness of Love Lee💘 and the long-awaited 후라이의 꿈 🍳! Waiting for the lovely moments AKMU will show, shall we go check out the tracklist ...💚AKMU Christmas Playlist❤️ Christmasga at Weverse~🎵 Share your AKMU playlist you want to listen to on Christmas!☃️ December, the last month of the year, is full of precious times with people we love...[ERROR] TITLE - ‘파노라마(Panorama)’ Q. What’s a dream of yours that will pass by your head like a ‘Panorama’? ‘I can’t die like this I need to try everything on my bucket list’ (이렇게 죽을 순 없어 버킷리스트는 다 해봐야...LEE CHANHYUK 1st SOLO ALBUM [ERROR] Congratulations on the release of LEE CHANHYUK's 1st full album!🥳 From the opening of AKMU Weverse to LEE CHANHYUK's album release! It's great news after another f...🎉Congratulations🎉 AKMU Weverse is now open!🎊 They brought in the best songs into our lives✨, inspiring us with energetic and touching melodies💕 Introducing the most gifted artist, AKMU!🥰 📌AKMU P...