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Dec 12, 2022

just teased a brand new song on my instagram called “how to drive”

i am on a magazine cover ❤️ uploaded."Ain't Christmas" with my friend Laufey is out now!!! Stream here: NEW SONG ‘AINT CHRISTMAS’ FEATURING LAUFEY IS OUT IN MOST OF ASIA ALREADY!! who has streamed it??im in london!!!! is so cool my dream venue in nyc tmrw night ❤️ comment “happy 23rd” on this instagram post unless you want 23 years of bad luckgood morningsupWHO IS COMINGhihey guys! you should follow this is the official fanclub instagram page so they will have a lot of cool stuff on there !THIS IS NUTS 🤯 uploaded.🤠 🤘🤘🤘MY NEW SONG IS OUT EVERYWHERE! STREAM STREAM STREAM!!!!! QUESTIONS ABOUT MY NEW SONG “ill”??two more hours until everyone this song !!!leave a comment on my last instagram post. gonna follow some people back ❤️my new song “ill” is out tonight !!!!!hi!!!!!making a new song about a girldifferent 💔TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW FOR MY SHOW IN MANILA!!!!! I CANT WAIT MAHAL KITA SEE YOU SOON TICKETS HERE: AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY COME TO THE PHILIPPINES! TICKETS ON SALE SATURDAY 10AM! MAHAL KITA!!!!! SIGN UP HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS FIRST: think its time i come play some shows in asiaMY NEW ALBUM AFTERSHOCK IS OUT IN SOME PLACES ALREADY!!!hiMY NEW SONG 'THE HARDEST PART' IS OUT IN SOME COUNTRIES !!!!!! IS IT OUT IN YOURS?surprise coming tmrw at 9am PST 💜 sign up here to find out more: you jungkook for listening to my song "idk you yet"coolest moment of my life. gonna send my new album to one person who comments on this youtube video"the hardest part"the grammys baby!!!!MY NEW SONG CRASH IS OUT NOW!!! miss you but i don’t miss us… “CRASH” OUT APRIL 1ST presave here: A COMMENT ON YOUTUBE IF YOU THINK I SHOULD RELEASE THIS SONG!❤️Photo uploaded.alot of yall have been asking for this hat so im gonna give it away! click the link to enter:'HATE ME IF IT HELPS' LIVE ON PIANO OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE! ilyhi how ru guys'hate me if it helps' lyric video out now!!!! 500 comments on the youtube video and ill drop the acoustic version ! edition 'hate me if it helps' merch out now!!