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Feb 28, 2021


hi!!!! how ru guys? ❤️HELLO SENDING LOVEwhats ur fav song on the new EP???MY EP "OH NO, NOT AGAIN!" IS OUT IN ASIA AND AUSTRALIA!!! STREAM IT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINKi cant wait to come to asia❤️❤️💔can everyone introduce themselves? i cant wait to get to know you all❤️MY EP COMES OUT IN 2 DAYS 😭how is everyone doing?❤️GOOD MORNING I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY ❤️what songs do you want me to cover on here?this is my song "idk you yet" i hope you like it❤️any questions for me??i love weverse everyone is so nice 😇hello weverse!! i'm so incredibly excited to be on here. i can't wait to get to know you all better, love it here so much already❤️