Alexander 23 Community Posts - 📝A23 WEVERSE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT📝 Share your favorite GIFs🎥 of 💕Alexander 23💕 with the hashtag #MYFAVGIF_A23 !

Sep 30, 2021

📝A23 WEVERSE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT📝 Share your favorite GIFs🎥 of 💕Alexander 23💕 with the hashtag #MYFAVGIF_A23 !

📝WEVERSE POP QUIZ📝 Hello to the lovely A23 Weverse family! Since everyone got incredibly high scores😘 on the last Weverse Quiz, we've returned with ... A23 Quiz Part 2!✏️ For any new test-takers, ...Hello Alexander 23 lovers💖 We have a Very Important Question: What song(s)🎵 do you wish Alexander 23 would cover?? Of course, with Alexander's beautiful voice, he could sing the phonebook and it'd ...'how can you miss someone you’ve never met cause I need you now but I don’t know you yet' Oh Alexander... how did you write such a beautiful, relatable song?😭💘 For everyone feeling a little lonely ...Hello lovely people in the Alexander 23 Weverse!😍 Introducing ... the A23 Caption Challenge!! Step 1: Find a beautiful photo of Alexander (easy peasy😘) Step 2: Come up with a ✨fun✨ caption Step 3: S...📝WEVERSE POP QUIZ📝 Hey A23 Weverse fam😎 Are you ready for the Weverse Pop Quiz?! Don't worry ... we have a feeling that everyone will pass with flying colors😜 (If only studying for school could b...Whether it's fall🍂, winter❄️, spring🌷, or summer🌞 it's always nice to get comforted by our favourite artists💝 Bringing back the beautiful collaboration "Nothing's The Same" between real-life bes...✨ALEXANDER APPRECIATION POST✨ CONGRATULATIONS🎉🎉🎉 for hitting #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Producers chart! Send him your love and congratulations💖 with the hashtag #Congrats_Alexander🥰"It's good to see you again.." What would you say if you ran into an ex?🧐 If you ran into an ex, and it felt like nothing had changed since the relationship ended….😳 Like Alexander 23's latest musi...Aren't you tired of getting hurt? Aren't you sick of, of making it worse? Alexander 23 sings "Cry Over Boys"🎧 for those who are stuck in the despondent romance at the cost of their happiness. Listen ..."Come Here and Leave Me Alone Love me but don't get too close" Emotions running hot 🔥and cold🧊 Wanting to be left alone but🤔 afraid of being lonely 👉👈 Alexander 23's <Come Here and Leave Me Alone...🔔Heads Up🔔 Talented singer-songwriter! Rising pop star! Introducing Alexander 23💖 Everyone who stumbles upon Alexander 23's music says he's the up-and-coming artist to watch!🤗 Alexander 23's music...