&TEAM Community Posts - 2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES will be available worldwide on Weverse LIVE! Watch &TEAM on Weverse Zone✨ [Date and Time] ⏰Thu. December 14, 2023, 4:00 PM (KST) [How to Enjoy 2023 AAA on We

Dec 7, 2023

2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES will be available worldwide on Weverse LIVE! Watch &TEAM on Weverse Zone✨ [Date and Time] ⏰Thu. December 14, 2023, 4:00 PM (KST) [How to Enjoy 2023 AAA on We

Everything is better for &TEAM with LUNÉ 😎 &TEAM always steps up their game, and they’ve just dropped the MV for “Dropkick” 🤩 Dive into the “Dropkick” MV and get an eyeful of their dynamic moments!!...Everyone, it’s time 🕕 It’s the Perfect Timing to be with &TEAM 🎶 &TEAM’s comeback we’ve been waiting for since this summer 🎆 and the MV that will have you Howling 🎬 We’ve come to get a taste of th...How did you like the album preview released today? 🎧 It was a short clip, but I can feel a 🎵 masterpiece 🎵 in every song I got the feeling &TEAM is going to show various sides for us, so I can’t wa...As their 1st ALBUM 📝, the upcoming album includes every song &TEAM has released so far 🎶 From the title track “War Cry” to the new tracks “Dropkick,” “Really Crazy,” and “ALIEN,” the song titles alo...LUNÉ ❗❗ The WILD concept photo of the 1st ALBUM is now released. The gaze, the look, the posture... I could talk nonstop for three days about the fantastic job &TEAM🐺 did to express the WILD theme, b...Excuse me, where is the STARTLINE❓ Where do I find people like &TEAM❓ What❓ There’s no one like &TEAM❓🙅 &TEAM is one of a kind❓❓🙆 Well then, I suppose I’ll stay home and get back to enjoying the STA...Dear LUNÉs 🌙, 🎇FIREWORK🎆 has been revealed at last! Have you watched the music video that continuously pours the blessing of the fireworks? Each scene, one after another, made me feel like I was wa...Dear LUNÉ🌙 who watched the Album preview 🎶 After listening to this 💿 album preview, I felt how hard the members worked for the 2nd EP!!🌟 So expectations began to rise even more🆙⤴⤴ Both the Kore...LUNÉ! How do you like the Concept BLOOM? The moment I saw it, a nice, cozy feeling bloomed in my heart and made me feel like I’d been enchanted.🌸 It feels like I’ve been waiting through all the momen...To LUNÉs, who have been longing for a new concept. Have you seen the Concept THIRSTY that’s like a waterfall? I’d like to meet up with some like-minded LUNÉs and chat about the concept as we ride bike...The tracklist just burst like a 🎆 FIREWORK🎆 I think I’m gonna have trouble falling asleep tonight because I’m so excited about the new album. (I don’t think waking up in the morning will be easy eit...Mic check📢 One, two 📢 LUNÉ, attention.🔊 As of 2:00 PM today, the LUNÉ Membership (GL) you all have been waiting for is finally opened!!!👏👏👏 Watch LUNÉ’s awesome logo motion, and for those of you...📢Tip to fully enjoy the &TEAM Weverse community📢 Post your feed message with hashtags💌💞 to show your love for &TEAM members😚❣️ Questions for the members, thoughts you want to share, the daily mom...📢Attention!!📢 The membership name for &TEAM has been decided✨ Check out the announcement from &TEAM👇💕 Please also look forward to &TEAM JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP🤗&AUDITION's first Special Weverse LIVE has just begun! Let's check it out together!!💖 #andAUDITION_Special_Weverse_LIVE✨&AUDITION Special Weverse LIVE✨ Hi everyone!👋 Have you voted in the early global voting?😆 &AUDITION has prepared a Special LIVE only for you here on Weverse! The trainees' first LIVE will be live-s...📢Attention everyone!!📢 The on-air date of the &AUDITION - The Howling - first episode : July 9th PST! And here's the trainees' first video message for you only here on Weverse!💌 Let's check out the...🎉Weverse Community for &AUDITION - The Howling - is now open🎉 &AUDITION - The Howling - is a competition program that follows trainees that are connected by "&", who are training to become the first...