『&TEAM 1st Anniversary [縁 DAY]』LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) Holder Advance Raffle Entry Information

︎ ▶︎LUNÉ Membership (GL) 추첨제 결과 확인(로손 티켓)는 여기서 ︎ ▶︎LUNÉ Membership (GL) 当落結果確認(ローソンチケット)はこちら ︎ ▶︎LUNÉ Membership (GL) Raffle Results(Lawson Ticket) is here We will be holding an advance ticket raffle for &TEAM OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) holders for the『&TEAM 1st Anniversary [縁 DAY]』 < Concert Information > 【Schedule・Concert Venue】 SAITAMA SUPER ARENA COMMUNITY ARENA Sunday, September 3rd, 2023 Concert venue opens at 12:00/Concert begins at 13:00 Sunday, September 3rd, 2023 Concert venue opens at 16:00/Concert begins at 17:00 * Concert details, concert dates, concert venue opening and starting time, cast, etc., are subject to change. We ask for your understanding. * Refunds due to changes in the event are not available. 【Ticket Price】 ■Assigned Seats LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP Advance Tickets: 9,350 Yen (VAT included) General Tickets: 10,450 Yen (VAT included) * Tickets are required starting from age 3 and older. Children under age 3 are not allowed to enter. * Additional fees will be charged by the ticket vendor. 【&TEAM OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) Holder Advance Raffle Entry】 ■ Raffle Sign-up Period (Weverse): 13:00, Friday, August 4 to 23:59, Monday, August 7, 2023 * You can sign up for the raffle from the raffle sign-up page on the Weverse app. * The link to the raffle entry page will be posted at the top of this “Notice” page on the set schedule. ■ Raffle Entry Period (Lawson Ticket): 13:00, Friday, August 11 to 23:59, Monday, August 14, 2023 * Only members who finished their raffle sign-up during the above sign-up period are eligible for the raffle. * Tickets will be drawn fairly for everyone who signed up for the raffle during the entry period, and it is not on a first-come-first-served basis. * The link to the raffle entry page will be posted at the top of this “Notice” page on the set schedule. You may sign up for the entry of the raffle through the Lawson ticket website, following the instructions. ■ Raffle Results (Lawson Ticket): From 18:00(JST/KST), Saturday, August 19, 2023 【Purchase Restrictions】 1 ticket for 1 concert per 1 person * You may only sign up 1 time per concert. If you sign up multiple times for the same concert, all of your entries will become invalid. * 「&TEAM OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP」holders, who signed up for the raffle entry are not eligible for the raffle entry. * Tickets will be issued at the concert venue on the day of the concert. Your identity will be verified when issuing your ticket, so please make sure to read through the [Precautions for Identity Verification]. 【Raffle Sign-up・Raffle Entry Eligibility】 ■LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) Holders ・LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) holders with a valid membership as of 23:59 (JST), Monday, August 7, 2023 ・LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) holders with a valid membership until the day of the concert they signed up for the raffle for. * e.g.) If you sign up for the draw for the Sunday, September 3, 2023 concert, entries of those of you whose membership expires on Saturday, September 2, 2023 will become invalid. Make sure to check your membership expiration date before signing up. * You can check the expiration date from &TEAM Weverse > More ( ⋮ ) > MEMBERSHIP. ■ Those Who Are Not Current Members Only those who completed the registration steps (=purchase complete) for LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) by 23:59 (JST), Monday, August 7, 2023, are eligible. * Those who purchased their membership from &TEAM Weverse Shop GLOBAL can sign-up. Those who purchased their membership from &TEAM Weverse Shop JAPAN are not eligible for this advance ticket raffle. Please make sure to check your membership purchase shop before signing up. * On the day of the concert, your identity will be verified through your membership number in the sign-up form. If you withdraw from your &TEAM OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP (GL) after you win the ticket, you will not be able to verify your identity, and therefore, you will not be able to enter the venue. Please make sure to maintain your membership until the day of the concert. ★ Make sure to check!!! ---------------------------------------- Precautions for Ticket Sales ---------------------------------------- * It is your responsibility to check the traveling procedures for entering Japan and finding your own airline tickets/accommodations. The event holder will not be held responsible if you are suddenly unable to attend due to personal circumstances. Please note that all tickets are non-refundable. * Ticket purchases cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded once the purchase is complete. We ask for your understanding. * Please note that you will not be able to change any information or cancel your sign-up once the sign-up period is over. ・Tickets will be issued from the venue opening time at the concert venue on the concert date. ・Only those who agree to the above policy may sign-up for the advance ticket raffle entry. ---------------------------------------- Precautions for Identity Verification ---------------------------------------- Identity verification is required to issue your ticket at the concert venue on the concert date. Those who are unable to verify their identity may not be permitted to enter. We ask for your understanding. Please note that refunds are not available even if you fail to enter. The identity verification process may be recorded (audio/video) in order to keep fact-checking records. We ask for your understanding. Please bring the following documents required for identity verification on the concert date. ① DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD Check the "DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD" on the Weverse > More ( ⋮ ) > MEMBERSHIP screen. ② 1 valid form of ID with your photo ・Passport ・One of the following official identifications issued in Japan that include your name in English -Student ID with your photo -Basic resident ledger card with your photo -My Number Card with your photo -Driver's license -Credit card with your photo Residence card (foreigner registration certificate) * The identity verification document other than the seven listed above will not be accepted. Please make sure to bring one of the seven documents listed above on the day of the concert. * A copy of the identity verification document or expired identifications will not be accepted. Please make sure to bring the physical copy. ③ Printout that shows the ticket winner e-mail or shows the "Winner Screen" Make sure to bring a printout of the email that was sent upon winning the raffle or the "Winner Screen" on "My Page" on the Lawson Ticket entry page. * If you do not bring the printed document, we will not be able to issue your ticket. * We will not be able to issue tickets to those who are the winner himself/herself or cannot complete identity verification. ---------------------------------------- Precautions Regarding Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 ---------------------------------------- In the wake of COVID-19 Infection Prevention Guidelines for Music Concerts being lifted, any preventive measures to be taken during this concert are left to the discretion of individuals and their health conditions. The Japanese government has made information available on countermeasures against infection to allow individuals to decide how to combat the virus on one’s own accord. Please refer to it before arriving at the venue. https://corona.go.jp/events/ ※ Please exercise personal judgment in deciding whether to wear a mask. You will not be stopped from shouting and singing even if you are not wearing a mask. ※ Body temperatures will not be measured upon entry to the concert venue. ※ Please enter the concert venue well in advance. ※ Concert program, guidelines and precautions for the audience may change per the government and local government policy. A refund for the ticket on grounds of such changes will not be available. We ask for your kind understanding. ---------------------------------------- Concert Information and Precautions ---------------------------------------- ■ Items Permitted Into the Venue Please understand that on the day of the concert, a bag check will be performed upon entering for safety within the concert venue. You will not be able to bring electronic devices (cameras, magnifying glasses with a recording feature, recorder, video recorder, or other recording devices) or dangerous materials into the venue. There will not be places to store your items inside the venue. Please use a coin locker to store your belongings such as luggage, and minimize what you bring to the concert. If we find prohibited items, please follow the staff's instructions. We will provide instructions after checking the prohibited item. ■ Information on the Prohibition of Ticket Resale and Transfer Please refrain from purchasing tickets for resale purposes. If we discover any displaying or purchasing activities on auction or social media, the seller and buyer will not be permitted to enter. Ticket resales/purchases on resale websites and in-person resale/transfers near the venue are all prohibited. Selling or transferring your ticket to a 3rd party, including friends and family (including cases where no money was exchanged), is also prohibited. Through whichever method or for whichever reason, if any resale or transfer activity is discovered, you will not be permitted to enter. Please note that even if you are unable to enter, your ticket will not be refunded no matter what. The concert holder, host, and official ticket vendor will not be held responsible for any issues related to resales or transfers. We ask you to make sure that tickets that were illegally resold are not purchased or transferred so that we can provide a pleasant concert environment for everyone. ■ About the cheering goods Please hold your cheering goods (FAN, LIGHT STICK, ETC.) below your shoulder during the performance. You may not use cheering goods that may interfere with the other guests' view or that light up or make noises besides the official merchandise. You may also not manufacture or use cheering goods violating the artists' portrait rights. If you are found carrying or using the prohibited goods, you may be asked to leave them in the coin locker. Please note that you may be asked to leave the venue if you refuse to comply with the above request. ■ About the illegal cheering goods You may not sell or distribute unofficial goods using the portrait rights of &TEAM or its names within the venue and near facilities or public places. If it is found malicious, we may go through a legal procedure. Please remember that manufacturing and selling goods without permission is illegal, but purchasing them will only encourage these unlawful actions. Therefore, we ask you not to purchase these illegal goods for all audience's safety and pleasant time. ■ Prohibition of Recording, Video Recording, Taking Photos, Live Streaming You will not be allowed to bring any filming or recording devices (cameras, magnifying glasses with a recording function, recorder, video recorder, and other recording devices) into the venue, and you are not allowed to take photos, take videos, record audio, or live stream (audio/video live streaming) within the venue other than the designated times in order to protect the artists' rights. We have found several cases where concerts were illegally recorded through a smartphone or magnifying glass with a recording function. If your smartphone is out of your bag or pocket during the concert or if you are using your smartphone/magnifying glasses, a staff member may ask to check your device. Please set your smartphone to silent mode and keep it inside your bag. If we find any audience members who are recording or filming the concert outside designated times, we will ask them to delete the data, and they will be kicked out of the venue immediately after deleting the data. In such cases, please note that your ticket will not be refunded. In addition, please note that in the event of any activity that hinders the concert staff from doing their work, the responsive actions taken at the venue can be collected as evidence. ■About the time when photography is allowed There will be a time during the concert when you can take pictures. ・Photography is only allowed with smartphones and cell phones. Please be careful not to disturb the audience around you. Please be aware that taking pictures with cameras is prohibited. ・Flash photography is prohibited as it interferes with the performance. ・We will inform you of the designated photography time on the day of the event. We will not be able to answer any inquiries in advance. ・Photography is not permitted in any areas other than during the designated photography time. ・The use of photography aids such as camera sticks, tripods, monopods, stepladders, etc. is strictly prohibited. ・Please refrain from raising your smartphones and cell phones above your head to avoid disturbing other guests. ・Please do not use photos or videos for commercial purposes. ・Please do not disturb other guests. ・Please be aware that if other guests appear in the photos or videos you take, you may be violating their portrait rights. ・Please follow the instructions of the staff members when taking pictures. If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, we may refuse to allow you to take pictures. ・If you do not follow the instructions, you may be asked to leave the venue. Please understand this in advance. ■ Other ・Winning tickets cannot be canceled or changed in any case whatsoever. ・We will not be responding to any inquiries regarding seats. ・We will not be responding to any inquiries regarding refunds, claims, and changing seats. ・ Concert dates, concert venue open and start time, cast, etc., are subject to change. In the event of any changes, please understand that tickets cannot be refunded. ・In the event of bad weather, the concert may be discontinued, or the details may be subject to change. ・You will be responsible for your own transportation fees to the concert venue and accommodations. ・If you lost your ticket, or if you did not bring your ticket on the day of the concert, you will not be able to enter no matter what. Please also note that tickets cannot be reissued. ・Cameras may be installed to take photos and videos on the day of the concert. Please understand that you may be filmed in the photos or videos. ・You cannot deliver gifts such as flowers or food to the artists. ・Please note that the audience's events inside the venue and during the performance are prohibited because they may interfere with the performance operation and direction. Please make sure to follow the member rules and precautions that are written on &TEAM OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP(GL). ・If you violate any of these precautions, you may be withdrawn from the &TEAM OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP(GL). In such cases, please note that your membership fees and annual fees will not be refunded. ・Physically impaired or those who come to the concert in a wheelchair must contact us directly through [Concert Inquiries] by the day before the concert. ・In order to verify and select the ticket winners' eligibility accurately, we will provide &TEAM OFFICIAL FANCLUB LUNÉ MEMBERSHIP(GL) holder information that is valid as of 23:59, Monday, August 7, 2023, to the ticket vendor "Lawson Entertainment, Inc." The member information provided will not be used for any purposes other than for the purpose written above. Please sign-up for the raffle after agreeing to the above information. Dangerous behaviors and behaviors that disturb others may cause the concert to be discontinued. Please follow the staff's instructions within the venue. ---------------------------------------- Where to Send Inquiries ---------------------------------------- 【Concert Inquiries】 Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799 (Weekdays 11:00 - 18:00, Holidays 10:00 - 18:00) 【Ticket Sales Inquiries】 Lawson Ticket Information https://l-tike.com/contact/ (respond via e-mail) * We are currently experiencing a large volume of e-mail inquiries, and it may take some time for us to check and reply to every inquiry. We ask for your understanding.