[Announcement] "&AUDITION - The Howling -" A surprise event for fans on August 24, 2022

Hello from &AUDITION Weverse! "&AUDITION - The Howling -" A surprise event for fans will be held in Japan on Wed. August 24, 2022 (KST)! Event participants will be selected through a raffle for &AUDITION Weverse community members. * Please note that the winners will be selected by a raffle, not by the order of raffle entries. The surprise fan event will be streamed on Weverse LIVE, so join the event in real-time from wherever you are! Show your heartfelt support for the 15 trainees getting ready for "&AUDITION - The Howling -" FINAL ROUND. "&AUDITION - The Howling -" A surprise event for fans ■ Event Date Wed. August 24, 2022 (KST) Admission Time: 7:00 PM Event Time: 8:00 PM ■ Event Venue Tokyo, Japan * Raffle winners will be individually notified of the event venue, admission time, order number tickets, and more details by email. ■ How to Watch Weverse LIVE Join &AUDITION Weverse, and go to the LIVE tab to watch the streaming. * Join (free of charge): https://weverse.io/audition/feed * You can also watch the livestream on the Weverse web version as well as the mobile app. ■ Event Details Chatting and taking photos with 15 trainees of "&AUDITION - The Howling -" * This event is subject to change without prior notice.