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Jul 20, 2022


[#BH_day] 2022-07-21 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAEKHO #HAPPY_BAEKHO_DAY #백호 #강동호 #BAEKHO #KANGDONGHOWhat is BAEKHO(KANG DONG HO)'s choice? Special Video (For dOnO🧡)BAEKHO(KANG DONG HO) 1 Month Weversary 🎉 BAEKHO(KANG DONG HO) 1 Month Weversary Special Video Watch Now!🐯Tada! 🎁💝🎁 BAEKHO(KANG DONG HO) prepared a video for you! 🥰 Please write a letter to BAEKHO(KANG DONG HO)! Use the hashtag #to_BAEKHO when you're uploading a post to turn it into a letter! 💌 When ...🎉Congratulations!🎉 Great news for all the fans waiting for the tiger! 🐯🐾 BAEKHO (KANG DONG HO) Weverse is now open🎊 This is a place only for BAEKHO (KANG DONG HO) and his fans..💕 We're so excite...