[NOTICE] 「Good-Bye 2022 with B.I.G」 ticket opening announcement ( Date Delay )

Hello. This is GH Entertainment. [Good-Bye 2022 with B.I.G] This is the ticket opening announcement. At the end of the year, let's be with B.I.G :) Good-Bye 2022 with B.I.G ! [Information] - Title: Good-Bye 2022 with B.I.G - Date / Time : January 13, 2023 (Fri) 8:00 PM - Venue: SPACE BRICK (31, Jandari-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul) - Ticket price: 66,000 won for all offline seats, 22,000 won for online streaming [Ticket Sales Schedule] - Offline tickets: December 8, 2022 18:00~ (four tickets per person can be purchased) - Online ticket: December 9, 2022 14:00~ [Ticket Page] - Offline Ticket (Interpark Ticket) https://tickets.interpark.com/goods/22017015 - global : http://www.globalinterpark.com/detail/edetail?prdNo=22017015 - Online Ticket (LAKUS) https://www.lakus.live/event/big1230/ [Notice on Purchasing Tickets] - Offline tickets for this performance are sold exclusively at Infertark and online tickets are sold exclusively at Lockers, and tickets are not sold through other channels. - Tickets purchased through illegal channels or at additional costs, not through designated booking offices, cannot be officially canceled or refunded, may be invalidated without prior notice, or may be subject to legal action. - We would like to inform you that the arbitrary transaction of the ticket is illegal, and the damage caused by it is entirely to the trading party, and that the host, host, or partner is not responsible for the performance. We would like to inform you that we cannot solve the problem caused by this, so please be extra careful not to cause any damage related to this. - Offline performances are reserved seats. You can only watch the performance in the seats you selected when you made a reservation. - This performance will also be held simultaneously through online live streaming, and please check the related separate notice. - Please note that cancellations or refunds are not possible after the reservation is closed. - This performance is for those aged 7 or older, and preschoolers are not allowed to watch the performance. - Tickets for offline performances can be selected between delivery and on-site receipt. However, if you lose the delivered ticket, you will not be reissued, so please be careful to keep the ticket. - Online performances can only be accessed with one device per account. - Multiple devices cannot be connected at the same time, and existing devices will be automatically logged out when connected at the same time. - Online tickets purchased are not available as physical tickets. - Information such as certification code may be canceled if this admission ticket is resold or used for transactions for profit fraud. - The change, cancellation, and refund of the ticket will be handled by each booking office (Interpark Ticket, Lacos) regulation You cannot change or refund the ticket on the day of the performance. Please refer to the product-related information notification section on the reservation page. (Offline ticket inquiries : Interpark Ticket Customer Center +82 1544-1555) (Online ticket inquiries : Locus +82 02-332-1255) Thank you.