May 28, 2022

FM5.12 S2 < 諈 諻>2FM5.12 S2 < 諈 諻>窱 篥禺 佞漎Chris in Dubai 2Goodmorning BLITZERS(賳謔科)_Ottawa4?!月未 拖 againGood night步LITZERS' First Birthday PartyFM5.12 S2 <科 >Goodmorning BLITZERS(賳謔科)_Sao PauloFM5.12 S2 <麮渠潺 赬 >FM5.12 S2 <賵>Goodnight BLITZERS(賳謔科)_220407諡渥渠 諡潰渠陷 pt.3FM5.12 S2 <諟賄>休漎Goodmorning BLITZERS(賳謔科)_220323諡渥渠 諡潰渠陷 pt.2Restart V LIVE諻抱FM5.12 S2 <賳謔科> 2FM5.12 S2 <賳謔科>Goodmorning BLITZERS(賳謔科)_220311BLITZERS (300)Days 諡渥渠 諡潰渠陷諝貲 欠儭Talk with meTalk with meI'm going to work energeticallySee you again U.S.AIn Chicago!Chris?!? Yea its ChrisChris?!? Yea its ChrisSuch a beautiful night in NYAB Hyung DongsaengSleepless in SeattleFirst concert in LAD-1INFP vs INFPWas sleeping but BLEE called, so I came謔禺骨La 4 潰馬Night in the LANight in the LAGOJUTAN's Fire ThursdayBeen A While Doing Dance Live儭