May 30, 2022

베네치아베네치아무엇이든 물어보샤 pt.4여긴 어디? 우린 누구?I want to live in Paris🤓2FM5.12 S2 <잠 못 드는 밤>2FM5.12 S2 <잠 못 드는 밤>영국 꼬마 신사🎈🍦🐈‍⬛Chris in Dubai 2Goodmorning BLITZERS(블리처스)_Ottawa4시?!식샤를 합시다 againGood night✨BLITZERS' First Birthday Party✨FM5.12 S2 <놀러온 토요일>Goodmorning BLITZERS(블리처스)_Sao Paulo👋FM5.12 S2 <자체만으로 빛나는 도전>FM5.12 S2 <봄>Goodnight BLITZERS(블리처스)_220407무엇이든 물어보샤 pt.3FM5.12 S2 <타임머신>🐥🐈‍⬛Goodmorning BLITZERS(블리처스)_220323무엇이든 물어보샤 pt.2Restart V LIVE방가FM5.12 S2 <블리처스> 2FM5.12 S2 <블리처스>Goodmorning BLITZERS(블리처스)_220311BLITZERS (300)Days📝 무엇이든 물어보샤나른한 오후☀️Talk with meTalk with meI'm going to work energetically🚙🚕🚌🚊See you again U.S.AIn Chicago!Chris?!? Yea it’s ChrisChris?!? Yea it’s ChrisSuch a beautiful night in NYAB Hyung DongsaengSleepless in SeattleFirst concert in LAD-1🃏INFP vs INFPWas sleeping but BLEE called, so I came리방