[NOTICE] KWANGYA CLUB – BoA fan club content ARCHIVE open notice

Hello. This is from the SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FAN CLUB. This is an announcement concerning the BoA content ARCHIVE inside the KWANGYA CLUB – BoA official fan club community. All posts (posts, comments) written by the BoA and the BoA content (pictures, voices, videos) other than the announcements posted by the STAFF on the BoA official fan club community will be available via the SMTOWN APP from 12 PM of Friday, December 29, 2023 to everyone for free. You can check out the ARCHIVE service by clicking on the expand button (≡) on the top-right side of the SMTOWN APP and accessing the KWANGYA CLUB ARCHIVE. The ARCHIVE service is only available on the lasted version of the SMTOWN APP, so please update your app to the latest version on the app market (Google/Apple) before accessing the service. 🔗 DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/SMTOWN_APP Thank you. <Screenshot after clicking the expand button on the SMTOWN APP>