BTS Community Posts - [📢Breaking News📢] Did some of the ARMYs realize what kind of breaking news this is? Drum roll, please! BTS Weverse is now joined by 10million ARMYs! (deeply moved... sob sob😭) BTS and ARMY are keep

May 9, 2021

[📢Breaking News📢] Did some of the ARMYs realize what kind of breaking news this is? Drum roll, please! BTS Weverse is now joined by 10million ARMYs! (deeply moved... sob sob😭) BTS and ARMY are keep

Love Maze...? Hangeul Maze...!🤩 BORA and TinyTAN are wandering through the maze😵 What letters will they find in there?🤔 We hope that you can make it out of the maze with BORA!💪 Monday, 8 AM (KST) ...Run BTS' 💜 X 15ya 'The Game Caterers' 💫 Did you enjoy the first collaboration? 😉 It felt bad to see members getting wrong answers But they were so cute 💕 Na PD, please do not cry that ‘Ddaeng’ out...Looking for ARMY who wants to play the Perfect Pitch game!🙌 What’s the secret to winning this game, you ask? The secret is......!😏 It’s a piece of cake if you learn the basic vowels on Learn! KOREAN...⭐ ‘RUN BTS’ X 15ya ‘The Game Caterers’ collaboration⭐ This is a complete BTS on air. Army, make some noise~!!!🥳 “U wrong me right, Watch me, Ddaeng" With Na PD😉 👀The fight of spears and shields👀 L...Wrapping up Dalbang table tennis lessons, taking a group picture 📸 Dalbang table tennis lessens were fun, awesome and delightful🏓 Not just a tennis, but a table tennis! My heart throbs when BTS wor...Why did BORA and TinyTAN go to the apple orchard??? 🍎 If you walk around the apple orchard with cutiepies BORA & TinyTAN...?👣 You will be able to magically learn to read the Hangeul vowels...! 🧙‍♀️...Only one hope, only one soul Only one smile, only one you😉 Seriously 😳 This thumbnail image, tho It's outrageously cute!🥳 Cute, good-looking and outstanding, as always! Bangtan table tennis match, ...Ding dong call me on my phone📱 Ice tea and a game of ping pong! 🏓 Bangtanies are Born Singer Never forget to sing and dance even when playing ping-pong It's a first of its kind Dynamite🔥 Behind-the...Waiting for the day that I can give BTS lessons ... since I've already given them my heart!💘 It doesn't matter how good or bad they are at table tennis! As long as it's BTS we're happy!😉 Part 1 of ...BTS has prepared a special gift for ARMY🎁💜 A BTS concert that you can enjoy in your own room - BANG BANG CON has returned🎉 From BTS LIVE TRILOGY EP.1 BTS BEGINS(MEMORIES OF 2015), where the story ...Emerging as the champions in a dramatic final turn of events🤩 the 'J-HOPE YOU ARE AWESOME JJIN' TEAM🎉 Who was it that made an intriguing proposition👂 to Jjin and Hobi? The correct answer!! will be...Kim Taetae, what is it that you're so into lately? On our end, we're so into you😍 How can we possibly count the ways that we love thee...💕 ARMY, let us know 💜What BTS song you're into and why💜 In...Wait a little bit, just a few more nights, I’ll be there to see you.  I'll go there to meet you!😭 Passing by the edge of the cold winter,  until the days of spring.🌱 Until the days of flower blossom...Everyone, what do you think is the meaning of 1365244?👀 👇Let's figure it out together in the comments below👇 Jiminnie's🐥 saying he'll do 1365244 with the most QT3.14 expression😍 on his face... It...💌A letter from BORA💌 From Seoul to Busan... BORA’s trip across Korea was delightful with ARMY there💜 Her journey in Korea may have ended but she will always be with ARMY!🙌 See you again, soon!😉 W...It's time for music class with Chimchim🐥 and Jinnie🐹! Follow Mr.TaeTae's🐻 lead and Sing your heart out~🎹 My reaction😊 = Kookie's reaction🐰 Let's all go together to💨 The cutest music class eve...???: "I really didn't want to go to this extent for the game." 💜The final program of Run BTS! Workshop💜 "Keep your things safe!"🔎 Who will be the one to keep his things safe until the end in the mi...We hear more people becoming ARMY~🎶 We bet there were many sleepless nights watching tons of BTS content!📹 ⭐Tell us your favorite Run BTS episode and why!⭐ Let's look back on the memories😍 and welc...Question time! What song are the members dancing to? The answer is...!👀👀 This episode will be all about BTS and the dancing fever!🔥 And making the appearance, the new dancing team leader!🐹 Watch R...I_NAMJOON_took a photo with a sculpture.jpg Go behind-the-scenes of 2021 Run BTS! Workshop! Get ready for the fun and goofy sides of BTS! Never miss a moment! The singing sculpture TAEHYUNG... You'll ..."Is this the famous..." We heard that this place is the famous 👂 💜BTS Naming Institution💜 Give this thumbnail a name! We can't wait to see your hilarious ideas and names!🤣🤣 Watch Run BTS! EP. 133...BTS and their hilarious Run BTS! moments ON FIRE 🔥🔥 Let us know your ⭐favorite, hilarious moments⭐ from EP. 132 in the comments!📝 (Adding the timestamp is OK!😉) Thursday, 9 PM (KST) is when we all...🚨EP. 132 Summary: Just look at the thumbnail🚨 Needs no words. This photo itself is hilarious enough... Guess how fun the actual episode will be!🤣 ⭐️Episode after episode, BTS simply delivers!⭐️ <Ru...Q. Guess the members! (From bottom to the top) We bet ARMY know who the members are without having to see their faces😉 💜Emoji Hint💜 1)🐰💇‍♂️ 2)🐻🐯 3)🐥☺️ The answer will be revealed on Thursday a...WARNING! Your belly might be in some pain from laughing too much! Before watching, make sure to do some stretches...💜 Brace yourselves!🤣🤣 Run BTS! is where you go for the BTS entertainment! Run BTS...This scene of BTS practicing... There's the teen movie vibe all over it...🌼 This is for ARMY only...🤫 You can watch BTS practicing tennis only on Behind Run BTS!👂 See y'all at 9 PM on Thursday (KST...One extraordinary game🔥 A historic drama! BTS giving their all for the game of tennis!🥎 How will the game play out?! Can't wait to watch the game... Watching SUGA's expression is fun already...🤭 Se...Honestly, he doesn't need any spotlight, right...? because j-hope himself shines bright already✨ Extra spotlights would be a waste of energy... And...! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎵 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR J-H...Someone tell me why it's Monday today, not Tuesday! I can't wait any longer!!!😭😭😭 It feels like time is running slower than usual....😱 Ah... well, guess we'll wait watching the old episodes of Run...It's just so hard to look at these angels💜 Maybe it's the radiant ⭐halo⭐ around their heads... Join us for Behind Run BTS! on Thursday, 9 PM (KST) on Weverse to watch BTS giving their all for the qui...Among the days that feel the same I feel the happiest when I meet you🥰 These days, watching Run BTS! is the best thing🎶 Can't wait to see Taetae playing the harmonica..... Is there anything he CAN'T...Wanna listen to TAEHYUNG rap? He's just perfect... even at rapping💜 As the excitement builds from TAEHYUNG's rap skills, everyone stops playing games and starts rapping!🎤 You can watch TAEHYUNG rap ...I'm diamond 💎 you know I glow up 🌟 j-hope's smile only on photos does not do justice to its brilliance!👀 Brighter than sunlight 🌞 Energetic than the Sun 🔥 Softer than the moonlight 🌙 j-hope's sm...Whoa......🥰 Looking gorgeous even when he's playing games...🐥💜 Guess it's time for Behind RUN BTS! Let's go, let me fly to my~🦋 Keep your gaze down and just zoom anywhere! Together with RUN BTS!🛫...SUGA........🐱 We missed you.........⭐ Cute-whiny-SUGA....... Is this heaven on earth.......💜 This week's RUN BTS!... superb... yet again...... Watch the story unfold with RUN BTS! on Tuesday, 9 PM (...A rare sight of BTS getting an autograph! Is this for real....???🙌🙌 BTS X Paik Jong Won Collaboration We bet everyone enjoyed it!👀💕 For the cause of helping pig farms affected by COVID-19~💜 Behin...The boys seem excited more than the ordinary with their aprons on?!😝 RUN BTS returns with one heck of a show🎉 different from some any other cooking shows! Just can't sleep from all that excitement~~..."Namjoon sitting in the passenger seat too?" Where can I get a ride with RM in it? 🚘 Just imagine RM in a car...? Heavy breathing....!🤭💘 Revealing all the RUN BTS! ideas that missed the final cut🎁...Is Run BTS okay like this? Yea!!! Sure!!! Very!!! Of course!!! It's OKAY!!! Actually... Looking forward to watching our Leader KIM making snow ducks 🐥 on ❄️one snowy night❄️😉💕 Guess what's in store...Q. 사진을 보고 꾹이는 무엇을 하는 중인지 맞혀보세요! 1) 촬영이 끝나고 음식 만들어 먹기🍳 2) 진 & 슈가 몰래 도와주기 😝 3) 새로운 아바타 요리 대결👨‍🍳 4) 토마토 송 부르는 중🍅 힌트 : 꾹이는 다 계획이 있구나! 정답은 목요일 밤 9시(KST) Behind <RUN BTS!> Weverse에서 확인해봐요~💜🐹진&슈가🐱 요리 케미에 광대가 내려가질 않아요💜😍💜 내가 이렇게 웃음이 많은 사람이었구나... 아직 못 봤는데 왜 벌써부터 재미있죠??🤣 <RUN BTS!> 화요일 밤 9시 (KST) Weverse에서 확인하세요!👨‍🍳2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE December 31 with BTS, Get the live streaming ticket!Q. 눈슈가씨⛄️ 요리하다 갑자기 춤춘 이유는?? 1) 진형🐹 요리를 응원하기 위해서 2) 지민이🐥 춤춰보라고 해서 3) 요리하다가 혼자🐱 신이 나서 4) 2021년이 오는 게 기뻐서☀️ 과연 정답은?? 목요일 밤 9시(KST) Behind <RUN BTS!> Weverse에서 같이 봐요~💜🌺가뿐 가뿐 신나는 발걸음🌺 어떤 신나는 일이 있었던 거죠? 무엇이 💜우리 박강양씨를 💜이렇게 신나게 했는지 화요일 밤 9시 (KST) Weverse에서 확인하세요!🙋‍♀️📢 문제 나갑니다 📢 Q. 멤버들이 모두 놀란 이유는?? 댓글로 추측하고 💬 <RUN BTS!> 비하인드 보러 가요🏃‍♀🏃‍♂ (소곤소곤) 아미들의 재밌는 댓글을 기다립니다 (소곤소곤)"......!!!!!!" 눈이 휘둥그레지는 범인의 정체👀 범인은 다 계획이 있었구나...! 추리 맛집🔎 달려라 방탄 121화💜 화요일 밤 9시(KST) Weverse에서 만나요!