BTS Community Posts - ARMY! The music video for “AMYGDALA,” the follow-up track of Agust D’s album <D-DAY>, is out now! Min PD🎧is serious👌🏻with his music🎵and he’s so😭awesome🌀Min Yoongi,💝you’re unreal🥹I will sue🌼yo

Apr 25, 2023

ARMY! The music video for “AMYGDALA,” the follow-up track of Agust D’s album <D-DAY>, is out now! Min PD🎧is serious👌🏻with his music🎵and he’s so😭awesome🌀Min Yoongi,💝you’re unreal🥹I will sue🌼yo

ARMY! What is our leader doing here? 😱😍 Join us for a unique twist on “SUCHWITA” with our special episode this week, “R-CHWITA!” Let’s dive into the sincere and honest music talk of a still green bu...ARMY! Where did the soft Min sunbaenim from "People pt.2" go, When the main job genius Agust D makes his appearance...🥰 Does anyone know why SUGA keeps looking handsome? 🤷‍♀️ Looks like there will b...ARMY! The flawless outfit that never fails... Min Yoongi in a suit ✨ta-da!✨ Will SUGA be perfect just as he is...? Of course! He's the best, the king of swag, so cool that he has taken up residence in...ARMY! 🎊Congrats🎊 For the first time ever, SUCHWITA has not one, but two amazing guests! Prepare to witness all the good deeds of our charming host MinMeow😻 but also the irresistible charm and wit o...ARMY! The tracklist for Agust D's 'D-DAY' is out, filled with Min Suga's unique emotions! It's the final chapter of the Agust D trilogy 🥹 Just by looking at the titles, I can't pick a favorite... how...ARMY! The path to Agust D (Min Suga)'s 'D-DAY', the promotion schedule has been released 😻 Just when the emotions from the pre-release track 'Person Pt.2 (feat. IU)' haven't faded yet... Genius produ...Dear ARMY! We’re still trying to process the latest release from our genius producer Agust D, Min Suga, but there’s just no time to catch our breath. So busy and hectic in our ARMY community (Hope it ...ARMY! The arrival of a particularly loud and enthusiastic 'SUCHWITA' fan?! 🐥 There has never been such a comfortable guest for 'SUCHWITA' before 😅 Plus, a talk with the short-form challenge maker, M...ARMY! Finally! The masterpiece of the certified gap genius, Mr. Park Like Crazy... 'Like Crazy' has been released! 😍 🐥: Are you ready to fully enjoy the <FACE>, ARMY? 💜: Of course, JM. The album ne...👨‍💼: Please take off your earphones while working! 💜: I work more efficiently while listening to Jimin's solo pre-release song "Set Me Free Pt.2". Isn't it true that there are things that are so go...ARMY! Jimin's second concept photo! Did everyone see it?! Our tri-colored cat... did you see how he can transform into a pure white and innocent cat😻 Happiness really is found in the places not far a...ARMY! Park Jimin's dark, sexy form is driving me crazy 😍 There's news that he's torn apart the concept photos for his solo album, possibly because he's a master of the puppy-cat eye gaze 💞 One of th...ARMY! Have you all seen “on the street”?! Seriously... My ryes watching the refreshing, sexy, attractive, charming you… ㄴ Eyes I can smell the flowers from the screen...🌷 Since when did music videos ...ARMY! It’s my first time seeing our kitty like this… The entrance of someone who makes our host, Min Kitty, nervous?!😱 The man who Min SUGA personally requested to appear is! D-TOWN’s neighbor, actor...ARMY! From the teaser alone, I can feel it... jjwehope’s dancin’ baby flow👶 It was short, but I could feel it... That he’s done it again😍 I love j-hope, our genre, the passionate and ambitious man, ...ARMY! 🙍‍♀️: Excuse me, how can I go to Hongdae? ㄴ"on the street” by j-hope, a romantic guy that came to say hello with the spring aroma and the walking definition of energy🌸 I haven't even finished ...ARMY! I can’t believe the title track is called Like Crazy...😭 Is the title supposed to represent my heart whenever I see Jimin...?! Did you spot Jimin’s name here and there?! Our precious Puppy Kitt...ARMY! The whiskey bar we went to together... Can I go too? I'll just breathe. Please. 🙏 Real HIGH SKOOL Min Kitty, who likes talking about music 😻 I can't stand drinking talk with his role model! Re...ARMY! 🐥: “I'm preparing lots of things... that I can do with all of you...” I didn’t realize he meant this many things🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ What day is ARMY looking forward to the most? The tracklist for me... ...ARMY! 2013: BTS debuts 2023: News of Park Jimin’s solo album that we’ve been waiting 951013 years for finally gets released😍 How am I supposed to wait until March 24?! So proud of our Jimin... my shr...ARMY! Min Suga's seniority and problem solving moment at once! Did you all watch "SUCHWITA"? Min Yoongi, can you solve my problems?😅 I think I've got a guy who keeps looking like a cat.😻 Talk with a...ARMY! Are there ARMYs whose souls are still at Busan Asiad Main Stadium?! 🙋‍♀️ From February 1st, 2023, you will be able to feel the passion again at the theater😆🔥 I went to CGV Yongsan in advance ...ARMY! Let me introduce a hashtag that can send a letter to Jin with ARMY's warm love. 💌 Let's send a letter on BTS Weverse using #Dear_Jin_from_ARMY !ARMY! I applied for the RM content recording and it said “You’ve won!” But… What is this word “not” in front of won…?! 🤔😥 That me who was sad because I couldn’t go to the small theater concert… Now,...HOW-TO: Write "letters" to the members via Weverse posts! When you use the To_Artist hashtag in your post your post will become a letter for the Artist!💜 BTS To_Artist Hashtags📝 #To_BTS #To_RM #To_J...ARMY! As expected, Kim RM had a plan this whole time😥 Going all the way to New York to film such a special video...🥰 Wild Flower, Still Life, Change Pt.1, and No.2! You can hear all four bops in one...ARMY! The track with a different charm from Wild Flower! The music video of the fun and upbeat second track 💙Still Life🤍 has been released!🎉 Isn’t it such a fascinating song?! How did he write such...ARMY! 🎉Kim RM’s first solo album has been released🎊 Our emotionally intelligent, genius, songwriting, lovely golden retriever’s first title track music video! I might start crying 😢 The song’s even...ARMY! But, I mean... (What everybody says when they're lost for words) Kim RM’s solo album tracklist is crazy!! ARMY’s busy, so busy😎 I’m still drowning in the teaser, but now I even have to study ea...ARMY! Everybody’s got the Indigo vibe, oh 100% the RM vibe, oh After seeing the “Indigo” album photos, I realized what’s important is my unwavering love for RM... I’m going to put all my heart into it...ARMY! Let's all Indi-go! Indigo is what What is Indigo L.O.V.E Kim RM, Kim Namjoon’s last archive of his twenties...?! ㄴYup, I’m gonna tear up as I listen to it And the “Indigo” identity film that’ll ...📢"Show Us How You're Enjoying BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN - on Weverse LIVE or in Busan" Event Winner Announcement📢 Thank you everyone for participating in the event, and now you can check out the wi...ARMY! Are you guys all enjoying “The Astronaut,” the historic work of Jin and Coldplay? I bet you all heard King-Seokjin-God-Seokjin flew to Argentina since he never backs out on anything! Jin pulled ...ARMY! “The Astronaut” music video and song have finally come out to the world! Guess where universal-handsome astronaut Kim Seokjin landed?! Of course, it’s planet ARMY😘 So, when does this music vide...ARMY! What concept is it this time?! Jin’s so adorable and lovely in this photo!!! He’s like prince charming, who popped straight out of a fairy tale🤴 Jin shows ARMY only the things we would love... ...ARMY! I mean... Is he the Jin we know from yesterday?! He looks like some main character of some universe where he has so much story to tell and super popular but doesn’t know that himself😎 This kind...ARMY! Did you all see the amazing concept photo of Jin uploaded just now? I’m about to faint from the unexpected beauty attack🤦‍♀️ ㄴDo everything you can to get back up and see Seokjin’s solo album W...💜📢ARMY, how was the concert?📢💜 How was WORLD EXPO 2030 BUSAN KOREA CONCERT BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN? Did it make you happy? We certainly hope so, because we're hosting a delayed streaming of the...💜 WEVERSE IN BUSAN BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN (6) 자 부산의 바다여 Say la la la la la BTS <Yet To Come> in Busan ended successfully! 👏👏👏 It was the best concert with ARMY's amazing cheers! 👍 No matter w...💜What was your favorite BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN performance?💜 BTS always gives their all on the stage, and that's why ARMY love them endlessly! This concert was a perfect example of trust between...ARMY! Surprise! It's Jin x Coldplay!!🤩 Are they allowed to be this suspiciously great of a combination? Even Jjwan?! How am I supposed to wait until October 28?😅 ↪ You have to change the way you thi...ARMY! Everyone! (19921204 people) Did you all hear the news of ★King-SEOKJIN’s solo★?!!!! Finally, at last, the solo single we’ve all been waiting for is being released! As if opening all sorts of doo...💜 WEVERSE IN BUSAN BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN (5) Fire ~ Fire ~🔥 The concert is over, but the passion of Busan is not over. A beautiful drone show floating on the purple Gwangalli, and the After Par...💜 WEVERSE IN BUSAN BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN (4) Busan Asiad Stadium where the concert is held, and Busan Port and Haeundae for live play! This is "BTS style"! ARMY and all public, did you check it ...💜 WEVERSE IN BUSAN BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN (3) The Atmosphere of "The City" only for BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN!🎉 We can't leave out a hotel for ARMY coming to Busan, right? There are many photo ...