BTS Community Posts - 💜 WEVERSE IN LAS VEGAS [1] 📌 Here we go Las Vegas~! We’re leaving for Las Vegas to bring excitement to you! What are all the BTS-related haps going down in Vegas? Leave a comment with anything you’r

Apr 7, 2022

💜 WEVERSE IN LAS VEGAS [1] 📌 Here we go Las Vegas~! We’re leaving for Las Vegas to bring excitement to you! What are all the BTS-related haps going down in Vegas? Leave a comment with anything you’r

💌Waiting for the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards💌 ARMY, have you heard the good news?? BTS has been nominated for 🏆 Best Pop Duo/group Performance (“Butter”)🏆 at the 64th GRAMMY Awards again From BTS’ ...🎉BTS VOD VIDEO CONTENT ANNOUNCEMENT🎉 📢A~R~M~Y~!!! 💜BTS' legendary past VODs💜 previously sold only on V LIVE are now available on Weverse! (Yay!!) From the chance to meet Bon Voyage's HaKKO and Ma...✨ ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS ✨#JungKook Catch up with Jung Kook's unique style of zip-up hoodie💕, and the special mood-lamp🌌 that you could feel his presence while taking a break. 📺ARTIST-MADE ...✨ ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS ✨#jhope The multipurpose flowerpot🌱 that reminds you of j-hope and the unique minibag👝 that you could feel j-hope's presence when you're hanging out. 📺ARTIST-MADE C...✨ ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS ✨#Jimin Make your daily life fulfilled with Jimin's lovely thoughts. Introducing special hoodie with precious message👥, and also the earings⚡️ you don't want to miss....✨ ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS ✨#SUGA Feel the vibe with SUGA's musician style look! Introducing the unique guitar pick necklace🎸 and the handy notebook set🗒. 📺ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION 'SHOW' BY BT...✨ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS ✨#V Take a deeper look on this Boston bag👜 where it's all covered with V's finest classic touch and also the brooch set with V's hand-drawings🙂🌼🌧. 📺ARTIST-MADE COL..."✨ ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS ✨#RM It all started from his determination on making a cute wind chime(A.K.A. Bung-Kyung).🐟 Introducing our Mr. Daily Kim's jogger pants👖, which the fit was delicat...✨ ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS ✨#Jin Praise😇 or regret😈 yourself about today before you go to bed. Introducing this special pajama and pillow, originated from Jin's brilliant ideas. 📺ARTIST-MADE ...ARMY, how was your 2021 that you spent with BTS? Moments of happiness, joy and celebrations? 🎉 We're sure you've made some unforgettable memories this year! 🥰 So why don't we get together online for...To_Artist Hashtag Guidelines If you've tried using the To_Artist hashtag and couldn't find your post(s) in the Feed - don't worry! To make sure the Artists can see your messages, posts with the To_Art...💌 How to enjoy  BTS concert to the fullest 💌 Here's a pro tip for enjoying BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA on Weverse!🎤 ⭐ Before the Concert ⭐ 1) What's the one thing you're looking forward t...💜BTS at the American Music Awards!💜 ■ Favorite Duo or Group – Pop/Rock 🏆 ■ Favorite Pop Song 🏆 Congratulations to BTS! 🎉 #2021_AMAs_BTS #Stage_For_ARMY💜BTS at the American Music Awards!💜 ■ Artist of the Year 🏆 ■ Favorite Pop Song 🏆 ■ Favorite Duo or Group – Pop/Rock 🏆 Congratulations to BTS! 🎉 It feels like it was only yesterday that BTS perfo...💌 Leave a message of support for 2021 American Music Awards! 💌 BTS has been nominated for the following 3 categories in the 2021 American Music Awards! ■ Artist of the Year 🏆 ■ Favorite Pop Song 🏆...The BTS members took a good refresh💜 relaxing in the cozy house🏡 and the greenish forrest🌿 And it seems like Bam, our cute companion🐶 also made this vacation a pleasant memory for everyone! As the...BTS are temporarily taking a break from the city hustle and bustle🏢 to enjoy a cozy vacation in the forest!🌳 During <In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2> the members seem to be having fun🌞 spending time...It's already November..!👀 Let's temporarily pause our busy lives This week, how about we take the time to rest and do what we enjoy?🥰 Catching up on sleep🛌 , eating good food🍜, cycling🚴! Anything...We're happy to find out😍 That the BTS members are eating and resting well and smiling brightly💜 We want to find out👀 What the members got up to this episode while having a good time in the forest!...An amazing group shot of all seven members has arrived!📸 As expected from BTS.. with just one photo they make us feel warm and fuzzy💜 Pause for a second! What do BTS and Run BTS mean to you?🥰 Share...💌Leave concert reviews💌 Dear ARMY!📢 Did you all enjoy 'PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE'💃🕺? Hope you enjoyed the concert! Why don’t we leave concert reviews so that memories live longer in our minds?...The reason why we're waiting for Friday more than ever?! Because it's <In the SOOP BTS ver. Season2> day😉 Spending Friday with BTS.. we're so happy!😍 And <In the SOOP BTS ver. Season2> even has the ...💌Leave concert anticipation posts💌 The <PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE> concert is just around the corner! While waiting for the concert with fluttering hearts, leave posts of anticipation, ARMYs! 💜 ...Playing legendary BTS Run games again🤣.. BBQ party with amazing food prepared by BTS themselves🍖.. And sincere interviews with the members to top it off!🎤 <Finale Part 1> was filled with heartwarmi...PASSIONATE + AWESOME + SWEET MR.WORLDWIDE HANDSOME has got it all!🐹🎤 Should we try describing the highlights of this photo?🔍 Right off the bat.. we can see about 613 million🥰 Thank you Jin for mak...Hey ARMY, we've waited a long while right?😉 Coming this Friday!📆 BTS' healing time in the forest🌳 has returned after 1 year! <In the SOOP BTS ver. Season2> is starting!🎉 Let's heal with <In the SO...When we're missing BTS, when we want a little laughter, when we're eating😍 No matter the occasion... Run BTS has become a reliable friend!🌟 We loved how <Finale Part 1> let ARMY re-watch the episode...Listening to nostalgic songs sung by the members🎧 makes our emotions ebb and flow🌊 and hearts skip a beat🥰 while thinking of the good old days! ARMY, while watching the 'Nostalgic Songs' episodes w...💜Billboard HOT 100 No.1 “My Universe”💜 Congrats to BTS and Coldplay for topping the chart with “My Universe”🎉🎉 Words fail to describe the perfect chemistry between Coldplay x BTS!! The song is so...