[NOTICE] BTS EXHIBITION : Proof in LOS ANGELES Reservation Guide

BTS EXHIBITION : Proof in LOS ANGELES *This is a ticket reservation guide for the BTS EXHIBITION : Proof in LOS ANGELES Tickets to the BTS EXHIBITION : Proof in LOS ANGELES can be reserved exclusively on Universe. Ticket reservations for the BTS EXHIBITION : Proof in LOS ANGELES will open to all visitors through a registered onsale. General sales will only take place if any tickets remain following the registered onsale. Register at Universe.BTS-PROOF-EXHIBITION-LOSANGELES.com Exhibition Information Exhibition Title: BTS EXHIBITION : Proof in LOS ANGELES ● Opening May 2023 ● 3rd Street Promenade, Los Angeles, CA Ticket Retailer: Universe Ticket Reservation Information ● Ticket limit: There is a 4 ticket limit per account.You may purchase up to 4 tickets total across any combination of time slots. ● All tickets for this event will be mobile. ● Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Onsale Registration Registration is open now through Monday, April 17th at 11:59 PM PT to all visitors. Registration does not guarantee tickets. Visitors will receive an email notification with more information on their onsale status and further instructions on Tuesday, April 18th. All visitors will be equally eligible to participate in the onsale. However, if demand for tickets exceeds supply, visitors will be randomly selected to participate in the onsale. Tickets are made available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. If tickets remain, other registered visitors may receive access to purchase tickets at a later date to be announced. No purchase necessary to register. Notes for Reservation Tickets to this exhibition can be purchased exclusively on Universe and will not be sold via any other channels. Ticket transfer is strictly prohibited. ● By purchasing a ticket to this event, you are agreeing to the exhibition terms below; these terms are subject to additions and/or change depending on event circumstances. Please check the exhibition terms carefully before attending the event to ensure that you are not adversely affected. ● -All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. ● If you used abnormal or fraudulent methods (e.g., using macros, etc.), reserved tickets with the purpose of re-selling, or if you are deemed to have engaged in other fraudulent use or attempt, your reservation may be canceled and restricted for use without prior notification. Details for those with mobility impairment The exhibit is ADA compliant, and elevators are available. If you require assistance, please contact bit.ly/bts-proof-exhibition Exhibition Viewing Guidelines ● When entering the exhibition hall, groups with multiple tickets on the same account must arrive together and present mobile tickets. Admission will not be granted without a ticket. ● Food and beverages cannot be brought into the exhibition hall; hazardous materials such as bottles, fireworks, and laser pointers, as well as flowers and balloons, cannot be brought into the venue. ● Professional cameras are prohibited. ● Animals, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed into the exhibition hall. ● Taking videos is not allowed within the exhibition hall, and taking pictures is only allowed in designated areas. Cameras and phones must be put away while outside of the designated areas. ● All activities that infringe upon copyright are prohibited, including taking photographs or video, making audio recordings, and broadcasting (live streaming) audio or video in areas not authorized for recording. All devices capable of taking video or audio recordings, with the exception of your mobile phone, are strictly prohibited from being brought into the exhibition hall; if any of the activities above are discovered (including the use of your mobile phone), you will be asked to leave the venue after erasing all recordings. We ask for your cooperation. (Your ticket cannot be canceled or refunded if you are asked to leave the venue.) ● Please avoid activities that interfere with the viewing experience of other visitors; please follow the staff instructions. If you are found to be engaging in such activities, you may be removed from the exhibition hall and no refund will be issued. ● Photo-taking and video filming may take place on some days of the exhibition. Please understand that your viewing experience may be obstructed due to the filming equipment, and the visitors' faces may be recorded or photographed. ● Please mind your valuables. The exhibition organizers will not be responsible for lost or stolen valuables caused by your negligence. Keep these in mind! ● Please avoid visiting the exhibition hall if you have tested positive or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. ● Any illegal sale of goods around the exhibition hall on the day of the exhibition is prohibited. If discovered, you may be held legally liable. ● To ensure visitor safety and order on the day of exhibition, any unauthorized personal events (distributing goods, performances, etc.) are prohibited near the exhibition hall. ● Please avoid dangerous activities such as running around the exhibition hall area in groups. Entering the Exhibition Hall ● You are free to line up for entry to the exhibition hall 15-20 minutes prior to your ticketed time. You will need to show your ticket in order to get into the entry queue line at this time. ● Entry to the exhibition hall will begin at the start of your time slot on a first-come-first-served and therefore, the entry time may vary for each person depending on the on-site situation. Tickets must be presented at entry. ● You can only enter during your reserved time slot, and you are strictly prohibited from entering at any other time. You are only allowed to view the exhibition within the designated time slot, so please do not be late. ● Your entry may be restricted if you arrive later than your reserved time slot, and you can only enter following the staff guidance in order to ensure the smoothest entry process. You cannot enter and view the exhibition if you are more than 30 minutes late, and tickets cannot be canceled/refunded. ● Viewing time is limited to 80 minutes per reserved time slot. You will have additional time to shop at the merch store after the exhibit. ● You can use the merch store after your viewing timeslot concludes, and please note that re-entry is not allowed once you leave. (You can only enter once within your reserved time slot.) ● You can only view the exhibition in the designated order due to the flow of the exhibition content. (You cannot go against the designated route.) ● Operating hours may change depending on the on-site circumstances of the day of exhibition. Transportation Information There are ample ways to get to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica by car, train or bus. We do recommend arriving early to account for traffic, parking and walking to the exhibition space. You can view a map of Downtown Santa Monica’s public parking facilities here, Santa Monica Parking website as there are no direct parking facilities directly connected to the exhibition. Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus and L.A. County's Metro also provide transportation services in the area. Get the full online schedule and route information at www.bigbluebus.com or call 310.451.5444. For LA County Metro Information please visit www.metro.net Refunds on the day of exhibition due to reasons such as a delay in entering caused by traffic and parking issues will not be possible. The organizers of the exhibition or the ticket retailer will not be held responsible in this regard. Inquiries - For ticket and other reservation-related inquiries, please contact the Universe customer service center at bit.ly/bts-proof-exhibition.