[NOTICE] j-hope “HOPE ON THE STREET” POP-UP Detailed Information

Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. We would like to provide some information on how to use the <“HOPE ON THE STREET” POP-UP> and other important information. [Operating Schedule] - Operating Period: From Saturday, March 30 to Friday, April 5, 2024 (open every day) * Sunday, March 31, 2024 is “ARMY DAY,” available exclusively for ARMY MEMBERSHIP holders. (“ARMY DAY” is open only to the raffle winners, and the details will be posted on a separate notice.) - Operating Hours: 11:00 - 20:00 (KST) - Location: 1F/2F/3F, 15, Dulle 7-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea - Floor Guide > 1F: Merch. Showroom and Payment / 2F: Exhibition and Experiential Zone / 3F: Dance Workshop [Dance Workshop “NEURON THE STREET” Information] 1. “NEURON THE STREET” is the dance workshop where you can learn the hip-hop choreographies of “NEURON (with Gaeko, yoonmirae)” the title track of the special album, “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1.” 2. Operating Period: From Saturday, March 30 to Friday, April 5, 2024 (three sessions per day) * 1st Session - 13:00 - 14:30 (90 mins) * 2nd Session - 15:30 - 17:00 (90 mins) * 3rd Session - 18:00 - 19:30 (90 mins) ※ The maximum capacity for each session will be ten people. 3. The contents of the “NEURON THE STREET” are the same for all sessions. Please read below for more information. - Stretching & warming up (10 mins) - Choreography lesson (40 mins) - Choreography review (10 mins) - Solo choreography video shoot (30 mins) (* Only for those who wish to shoot) [Dance Workshop “NEURON THE STREET” Reservation Information] “NEURON THE STREET” Reservation Link: LINK * Please check this separate notice (LINK) to reserve your spot in the dance workshop on “ARMY DAY,” Sunday, March 31, 2024. 1. For safer and smoother viewing and participation, the dance workshop will be open only to those who made reservations. 2. The online reservation will be held three times in total, and one person can reserve one slot for each session. 3. Children under the age of seven will not be permitted to enter to avoid safety accidents that may arise with unsupervised children. We ask for your understanding. 4. Those under the age of 14 (over 7 years old) cannot make a reservation under their name. The reservation must be made with the name of their legal custodian. They must bring physical documents (a Family Relations Certificate or a Resident Registration Certificate) that prove their relationship with their legal custodian, as well as their ID for identity verification. 5. The online pre-reservation for the dance workshop “NEURON THE STREET” and the entrance to “HOPE ON THE STREET” POP-UP are separate. If you wish to visit the POP-UP, please make a registration through the POP-UP on-site queuing system. [Entrance Information] 1. You can enter the <“HOPE ON THE STREET” POP-UP> without making a pre-reservation. Register on the on-site queuing system, wait for your turn, and enter. (Except on the “ARMY DAY”) 2. Entry registration may close early, depending on on-site circumstances. Those who have already registered for entry may not be able to enter depending on the number of people in the queue. We ask for your understanding in advance. 3. If the venue’s capacity is exceeded, entry may be delayed. Please comply with the guidance of the on-site staff. [Making Your Purchase and Precautions] 1. The limit to the number of items one guest can purchase is different for each product, and the payment may be denied or canceled if the number exceeds the limit. 2. All items may sell out early. 3. The shopping bags are provided at a cost to the customers who purchase the products and cannot be separately purchased without purchasing other merchandise. 4. All promotions and events held in the POP-UP store will end once the gifts are out of stock. 5. We only accept credit cards and Mobile Pay. (No cash payment) 6. Please consult the staff at the POP-UP store should you need additional information regarding other products and purchases. [Exchange and Refund Policy] 1. A refund or exchange will be available should there be any defects in the product only at the store on the day of the purchase. Bring the card or e-pay app you used to make your purchase, the receipt, and the product to the POP-UP store, and you will be offered an exchange for the same product or a refund after confirming that no damage is incurred on the purchased product. - You will receive a refund if the product you would like to exchange for is sold out. - A refund will be made to your payment method, and the gifts you received along with your purchase must also be returned. The gifts must be brought and in excellent condition for the refund to be accepted. 2. A refund or exchange will be denied in the following cases: - Simple change of mind - Missing or damaged product labels or tags, or if the packaging is opened - Products with signs of being used, worn, or washed - Products with damaged or lost value due to negligence on the customer’s part (such as improper storage or handling) 3. Please consult the staff before entering the POP-UP store should you need additional information regarding the refund and exchange policy. [Important Information] 1. Parking is not available for safety reasons. Please use public transportation if possible. 2. CCTV surveillance cameras are in place for the safety of our customers. 3. Any photography or video recording for commercial or promotional purposes that are not agreed upon in advance will be restricted. 4. Please do not line up overnight. Any lines may be asked to disperse for safety reasons. 5. The official merchandise will be sold only at the POP-UP store during the operation period of the POP-UP. [Promotion Information] 1. A special paper gift and one Photo Booth coupon will be provided to the customers who purchased more than 50,000 won worth of products. (One ticket per person) 2. The gifts will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis upon payment, and the event will automatically end when the stock runs out. - The gifts are randomly distributed, and they cannot be exchanged or selected. - You will not be able to split your payment for a single order for the purpose of participating in the event multiple times. - You will not be able to combine your receipts for the purpose of participating in the event. 3. The Photo Booth coupon is good for one use before making your exit. You must register on the queuing system again if you have already made your exit. [Social Media Event Information] 1. We are holding an event where you can receive a TVING subscription by uploading a photo with the required hashtags on social media. 2. Please consult our on-site staff at the POP-UP store for more information. 3. Please note that event entry will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The event may conclude early if supplies run out. [Merchandise List]