[NOTICE] Guide for BULLET TRAIN Weverse Community

Hello, Welcome to BULLET TRAIN Weverse community, the official global community for BULLET TRAIN and fans. Please follow the guideline so we can keep this space safe and engaging for everyone including BULLET TRAIN and other fans! [Feed] This is where fans can create and upload posts. Tell us your thoughts about the group here! You also can attach photos of BULLET TRAIN, photos related to BULLET TRAIN, as well as GIFs and videos in your posts. If you see offensive posts on your feed, you can use the Report feature found on the right side of the post to report and hide the offensive post. Important official notices will be displayed on top of the Feed, as well as comments from the group. You can select language filters to see posts written in different languages. These languages don't have to be the same as the app language, or the language you chose as the translation language. [Artist] This is where you can see everything written by BULLET TRAIN members. Moments shown at the very top are pictures and videos that were shared by the group. These will be open to comments and Cheers for 24 hours. You can also directly follow public profiles for artists, and see all of their posts and comments. Follow BULLET TRAIN members' profiles to see each member's posts and comments! [Media] This is where you can see media content by BULLET TRAIN. You can watch videos on BULLET TRAIN Weverse Media tab, and it will be counted towards the YouTube view count for the videos. The view count number shown on Weverse is for counting the number of times it was watched on Weverse. It is not the view count for the video on YouTube. [LIVE] This is where you can watch BULLET TRAIN members' LIVE. BULLET TRAIN's LIVE in real-time will be available here, along with scheduled LIVEs and previous LIVEs that have been converted into VODs will be available for watching here. ※ All posts and activities that promote and encourage financial transactions of albums, photos, merch, tickets and more are banned on BULLET TRAIN Weverse community. ※ Please check [Guidelines for Weverse], linked below, to make sure BULLET TRAIN Weverse community stays safe and engaging. Users with malicious nicknames and users who engage in prohibited activities will be banned regardless of their reasons. We ask for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Please keep supporting BULLET TRAIN and BULLET TRAIN Weverse community. Thank you!