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Hello from Weverse. To maintain a positive and inclusive community for both artists and fans, please adhere to the community guidelines and refrain from the following activities. *The restrictions bel...[EVENT] CherryBullet 'Cherry Wish' SHOWCASE 본방사수 EVENT 안내 체리블렛의 SHOWCASE 본방사수 EVENT 룰렛도 함께 해요🙌 #체리블렛_LoveInSpace_SHOWCASE본방사수 해시태그와 체리블렛을 응원해주세요📣 **위버스에서는 별도의 이벤트 경품 지급을 하지 않습니다.[EVENT] CherryBullet MV REACTION EVENT 안내 체리블렛 뮤직비디오에서 가장 좋았던 장면과 가사는 무엇인지🤔 #체리블렛_LoveInSpace_REACTION 해시태그와 함께 알려주세요💕 🍒여러분의 포스트를 체리블렛이 볼 수 있도록 Hide from Artist 체크박스에 체크하지 않고, 포스트를 남겨주세요! **위버스에서는 ...[EVENT] CherryBullet ATTACK TIME EVENT 안내 체리블렛의 노래 함께 들어요! 응원 준비 완료! #체리블렛_LoveInSpace_ATTACKTIME 해시태그와 함께 알려주세요😄 **위버스에서는 별도의 이벤트 경품 지급을 하지 않습니다.Hey Lullet! 🔊 Just letting you know that the pre-orders for Cherry Bullet's 2nd Mini Album [Cherry Wish] is now open!😆 Cherry Bullet will be telling us a love story from their dreams through their t...To_Artist Hashtag Guidelines If you've tried using the To_Artist hashtag and couldn't find your post(s) in the Feed - don't worry! To make sure the Artists can see your messages, posts with the To_Art...Hello. We have recently updated the Weverse Community Guidelines to make our community space healthier and more enjoyable for members. [Updates] 1. Prohibited activities and behaviors in Weverse 2. Ho...2021년 1월 21일 Cherry Bullet 데뷔 2주년!!♥ 항상 Cherry Bullet을 응원해주시고 사랑해주시는 룰렛 여러분, 감사합니다!! :-) 2021 January 21 Cherry Bullet 2nd anniversary of their debut!! ♥ Thank you so much for your love and support!! ...💌Invitation💌 💁Welcome! First time in Cherry Bullet community?💁‍♂ We invite you to the world of Cherry Bullet, a girl group with a cherry-like, lovely charm and energetic performances! 🍒About Cher...🍒Cherry Bullet Weverse Shop Open! 🍒 Visit Cherry Bullet's Weverse Shop full of lovely energy!