Cherry Bullet Weverse LIVE - 보라♡ - BO RA

Oct 1, 2022

나 왔어요!!🍂오랜만에 지원이랑❤️잠깐 자기전에💛채미케미 등장!안녕 나야 나!룰렛 나랑 노라~💕놀쟈 룰렛 💛추석 잘 보내요🤍HAPPY JIWON DAY🎉잠깐 놀자😎나도 왔어 룰렛!!😎😎앗 ❤️❤️나두 위버스 라이브 도전…!자기전에 왔어❤️뽀라이브 🐰💕Came for a bit🤭🤍Ji Won in 🇬🇧❣️London Park Sisters🖤Bbo-meranian in London🇬🇧Vertical! BBOLIVE🐰💕Chae Mi Chemistry🤍Youngest and oldest after a long time🐈Though it's brief...🤍HI~ REMILAND🐸💕Hi It's Ji Won💛Hi💛Cheer up next week too…! 🤍Bbo Room BBOLIVE🤟🏻💕Again!!ㅠㅠ지원이랑 놀자💕A Video Call With Re Mi🐸📞Lullet, I'm here!!!Came Back Again… HeheWON-MAY Came 🤍Bbo Room Bbo Live 🏖💕Hi Lullet😌Jiwon Came~~BORA BO-LIVE 🌷💕🫶👋❤️I'm hereee🥰Wait Ji Won😊Yu Ju is here💛Hi HiBbo Room BBOLIVE 🦔💕I came because it's May .. ㅎㅎLullet, I'm here😆Small house for a bit 🌙Bbo Room Bbo Live 🐰💕💜😻May is here!!!🤍