CL Community Posts - +ALPHA+ 2021.08.24 6PM (KST) / 2AM (PT) ALPHA SINGLE 1 #ALPHA #SINGLE1 #210824 #CL #CHAELINCL #씨엘

Aug 12, 2021

+ALPHA+ 2021.08.24 6PM (KST) / 2AM (PT) ALPHA SINGLE 1 #ALPHA #SINGLE1 #210824 #CL #CHAELINCL #씨엘

Hello from Weverse. To maintain a positive and inclusive community for both artists and fans, as per our community guidelines, please refrain from the following activities: 1. Private conversations un...Hello. We have recently updated the Weverse Community Guidelines to make our community space healthier and more enjoyable for members. [Updates] 1. Prohibited activities and behaviors in Weverse 2. Ho...Performing Wish You Were Here, +DONE161201+, and +5STAR+ for the first time ever on TikTok's #FashionMonth show today at 7PM PST/11am KST. See u guyz there!🍒CL’s New Single Release in Memory of her Mom #WishYouWereHereThank you for giving me light, during one of the most difficult times of my life, with all of your kind words and the outpour of love. My mother, the most brave, selfless and giving person I know, wil...Rosario🥀 D-4. 21/1/18 6PM KST