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[Magazine] In the Name of CLCL - Tie a Cherry (Dance Practice Video)CL - Let It (Official Video)CL - Let It - 흘러가는 대로 내 자신을 믿어CL - ALPHA TALKCL - ALPHA - Live Performance VideoCL - Tie a Cherry (Official Video)CL - Tie a Cherry - watch me tie a cherryCL - Lover Like Me (Behind The Scenes)CL - Lover Like Me (Official Video)CL - No Lover Like MeCL - SPICY (Behind The Scenes)CL - SPICY (Remix) ft. Omega Sapien, sokodomo, Lil Cherry CL - SPICY (Dance Performance Video)CL - SPICY (Official Video)CL - SPICY - She got the sauce, and it's SPICYCL - SPICY - ENERGY, POWER, CHEMISTRYCL ALPHA Coming SoonCL - Wish You Were Here - Official VideoCL Sings Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and "Lifted" in a Game of Song Association | ELLECL +5 STAR+ Rap SessionCL +5 STAR+ Official BTS VideoCL +5 STAR+ Official VideoCL +5 STAR: True Blue+CL +5 STAR: Let’s Get Lost+CL +H₩A+ Official VideoCL +H₩A Dance Performance Video+CL +5 STAR (Visualizer)+CL +H₩A: Give Light+CL +H₩A: 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다+CL +H₩A: Through the Fire+CL +POST UP+ Behind The Scene VideoCL +POST UP+ Official Intro VideoCL +INTRO VIDEO 6+CL +INTRO VIDEO 5+CL +INTRO VIDEO 4+CL +INTRO VIDEO 3+CL +INTRO VIDEO 2+CL +INTRO VIDEO 1+CL - +ONE AND ONLY180228+ (Official Video)CL - +소중한 추억(THNX)190519+ (Official Video)CL - +안해(I QUIT)180327+ (Official Video)CL - +투덜거려본다(PARADOX)171115+ (Official Video)CL- +I QUIT180327+ D-1 TEASERCL - +DONE161201+ (Official Video)CL - +처음으로(REWIND)170205+ (Official Video)CL - +REWIND170205+ D-1CL “In The Name Of Love” TeaserCL - 'Dopeness' M/V MAKING FILMCL x BLACK EYED PEAS - Masters of the Sun Vol.1 ‘Dopeness’CL - 'LIFTED' M/VCL - ‘HELLO BITCHES’ DANCE VIDEO MAKING FILMCL - ‘HELLO BITCHES’ DANCE PERFORMANCE VIDEO