[Notice] The Debut: Dream Academy, Live Finale Early Voting

Hello, This is your <The Debut: Dream Academy> community manager. We would like to inform you about the global voting for <The Debut: Dream Academy>, the gateway to the final debut lineup of HYBE x Geffen’s global girl group. The program vote to help select the final debut lineup of the global girl group HYBE x Geffen, is now open on the Weverse vote system. Please read the following voting guide carefully before you cast your vote. <When> - Live Finale Early Voting will take place from November 10th (Friday) at 8:00 am PT to November 17th (Friday) at 7:59 am PT. You can vote for 3 contestants once per day. You cannot vote multiple times for one contestant each time you cast your vote. - The voting time will be reset every morning at 8:00 am PT. <How to Vote - Weverse> - Step 1: Click the Dream Academy home banner or click the pop up banner after joining the community. - Step 2: SMS authentication is required before you can cast your first vote. - Step 3: Vote for your top 3 contestants. - Step 4: Vote every day during the voting period (7 times) for a reward. - After submitting your vote, you cannot revise or cancel your vote. - Real-time vote status and individual contestants' vote counts will not be disclosed. - The voting right cannot be transferred or traded between individuals, including but not limited to transfer or proxy voting. Any damages or liabilities resulting from violations of this rule are solely on the trading parties involved, and Weverse will not be held liable. If the service is misused, access to the service may be restricted. <Notes> - A combination of the votes collected during the early voting period, real-time votes during the Live Finale, and the evaluator’s scores will determine the debut line-up.