Dreamcatcher Weverse LIVE - Dreamcatcher

Dec 12, 2020

[DREAMCATCHER] It's Been a While~ Guess Who?😺[DREAMCATCHER] 🤪🗣💕✨[DREAMCATCHER] I'll be quiet. You don't need to lower the volume LOL HEHE[DREAMCATCHER] Shall We Listen to Voices🥰[DREAMCATCHER] 💗❤🥳😘[DREAMCATCHER] V LIVE Changed..?[Dreamcatcher] Let's play with Sua🐥[DREAMCATCHER] Gather!!! InSomnia!!![DREAMCATCHER ] This place is 🐶🐶🐶 chaos[DREAMCATCHER] V LIVE Changed! It's Hard![DREAMCATCHER] Happiness[Dreamcatcher] Bark Bark!! Growl!!![DREAMCATCHER] Bboya Time🐥[DREAMCATCHER] 🥟🐼[DREAMCATCHER] A group V LIVE😎💗[DREAMCATCHER] "Handong" Has Been Missing🐱[DREAMCATCHER] Going Home!🐼[DREAMCATCHER] BboBeu 🐼 [DREAMCATCHER] WahWahWah[Dreamcatcher] Reporting that I'm alive -1[DREAMCATCHER] Hi!![Dreamcatcher] What are you doing when it's the weekend?[DREAM CATCHER] Before Sleeping, Raaadio![DREAMCATCHER]Slurp🤤[DREAMCATCHER]Slurp🤤[DREAMCATCHER] Late Night...🥰[드림캐쳐] 🍒췌에뤼🍒[드림캐쳐] 서프라이즈🥳[드림캐쳐] 잘 보내고 있나효?? 🐼🍿[DREAMCATCHER] Sleepy ㅠㅅㅜ [Dreamcatcher] (Early) Siyeon Day🐺🎂🎉[Dreamcatcher] What did we do today??!!😆😝[DREAMCATCHER] Late Night Food Date with Real Sisters as titled by Gahyeon[DREAMCATCHER] Siyeon Also Wants to Do V LIVE 😭[DREAMCATCHER]🐥🐰[드림캐쳐] ㅎ ㅡㅎ[Dreamcatcher] Please play with me[DREAMCATCHER] 🐼This Time, I Ordered Food Ahead of Time![DREAMCATCHER] Any lunch recommendations for 🐼~~[DREAMCATCHER] I Am Not Hungry Today[DREAMCATCHER] Ah, so full !!😂[Dreamcatcher] Goodbye BOCA👋🏻[DREAMCATCHER]🐥[DREAMCATCHER] It's Me Again. I'm Hungry[DREAMCATCHER] Hey, everyone. Hi! Do you know who we are? [DREAMCATCHER] Midnight Snack 🍗[Dreamcatcher] Let's talk for a bit[DREAMCATCHER] I should talk a little 💕[DREAMCATCHER] It's an Honor🤩😍[DREAMCATCHER] Dongseng Going Home 🚗