ENHYPEN Community Posts - I’ve arrived at that venue, which made the start of 2023 exciting! Kyocera Dome! As I see the dome in person, now I understand why people were so excited about this dome concert! 👍 I’m an ENGENE! Tha

Jan 21, 2023

I’ve arrived at that venue, which made the start of 2023 exciting! Kyocera Dome! As I see the dome in person, now I understand why people were so excited about this dome concert! 👍 I’m an ENGENE! Tha

If you wanted to be a part of the heart-pounding experience at the event venue but couldn't make it all the way to Osaka, how about watching it in the cinema via Live Viewing? 🎞️ Feel the thrill of e...How is my new year's resolution coming along? 🤔 My goal for this year is to fill 2023 with fun and happy memories with ENHYPEN! Then, happiness and passion will naturally follow. The first thing amon...From the Blessed-Cursed🍷🎇 comeback that opened up the new year to Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)🎤🧡, the world tour🗺️, and even End-Of-The-Year-HYPEN! ✨ ENHYPEN gifted every moment of 2022 with ha...🌟 10 DAYS ENHYPEN CHALLENGE! 🌟 2022 was filled with lots of precious memories for all of us, so let’s see ENGENE’s hearts full of passion and full of love through a 10-day ENHYPEN challenge! ❤️ [12/...We began November with the beginning of the JAPAN tour, but can you believe it’s almost halfway over? They say there are no two performances that are the same, but there’s also no other concert tour t...When you see ENHYPEN on stage, can’t you just see how much they love ENGENE? You can tell from their expressions. One moment, they have performance-ready eyes🔥⚡️ to give their best performance, and t...ENHYPEN’s first US tour that made global ENGENE excited every day has come to an end! 👏 If I were to put this US tour in one sentence, I think I could say that it was a time that made me see how seri...Have you heard the news that ENHYPEN captivated Anaheim's heart? We all believed in ENHYPEN. 👍 We knew they would shine. ✨ ENHYPEN's world tour will continue, which starts in Seoul and will accelerat...That’s a wrap for the beautiful and brilliant first concert in Seoul! 👏👏 There sure was a reason why ENHYPEN said ENGENE should look forward to it. EN-BOARD really got to experience what it feels li...I was wondering why I woke up before my alarm went off today, but then I realized what day it is. The first concert that I’ve been waiting for a long time!! ✨ I couldn’t just sit around when I'm this ...The day of the first concert seemed like it would never come, but it’s finally just around the corner! Ticket? Check. ENGENE Light Stick? Check. Pack some snacks to boost your energy and prepare items...An event prepared for ENGENE who are waiting for ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘MANIFESTO’! Light Sticks are always in the hands of ENGENE, who fill the concert hall. We're holding a decorating contest for those...Everyone has a favorite song🧡, right? It might be the title track or the follow-up track that burned down the stage or a b-side track that you listen to while imagining what will happen. As you watch...You're not ready to say goodbye to 🎤"MANIFESTO : DAY 1"🎤? It's been a week, but you still can't believe the last show is over? 오히려 thanks, 😏 We now have time to look back on everything. Let's look ...220804 Video Call Fansign & 220805 Fansign Event Charging complete! Thank you, ENGENE! Let’s be together for a long time 💛220731 Video Call Fansign Thank you for being with us today ❤️Testimonies of seeing the performance masters🎤, look-better-in-person ENHYPEN🧡 in real life are pouring out this July. I want to keep them for myself, but then again, I want the whole world to know ...220714 Fan-signing event 말하자면 엔진 좋아 🧡220706 Fan-signing event The first fan-signing event with a lot of people! Thank you for coming! ❤️EN-BOARD has decided. EN-BOARD from yesterday is no longer here. 👊 Instead of what the world chose me to be, I’ve now decided to do what I want and be who I want to be. I’m going to break free from ...COME🎊ENHYPEN MANIFESTO : DAY 1 🎊BACK 덤벼 덤벼!! 🎤🎤드루와 드루와!! 🎤🎤 This comeback is legendary!! Is it even possible to stay still while listening to this song? Nope! EN-BOARD’s brake pedal’s gone wron...First music show with OT7, the mini fan meeting and a small birthday party🎂! Do you remember that hot but perfect day? It still feels like a dream even when I’m seeing the photos. (ENHYPEN is real! I...Let’s find out about Weverse Albums, a new way to enjoy ENHYPEN’s music! 💡 We prepared a Best 5 Q&A with questions you’d be most curious about! Read them below to quench your curiosity and enjoy a sp...📢Calling all ENGENE🗣 #ENHYPEN_is_calling_ENGENE The news we’ve all been waiting for! ENHYPEN! They’re making a comeback! ENGENE, who have been watching content to fill the void that is their hiatus ...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.41🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, June 9th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse! ※To develop more content for ENGENE to enjoy, EN-O'CLOCK will be taking a short temporary break! We...Heeseung received the extra points for the "Employee of the Month"📈 with his creative PPT!📈 And the training session for the new employees at RNB Co., Ltd. is getting intense🔥 With the final select...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.40🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, June 2nd, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!It feels like yesterday(?) when the members worked part-time at the cafe☕ But now they became new full-time employees at RNB Co., Ltd.! 🏢 What shall we do to work in the same team with the ENHYPEN m...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.39🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, May 26th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!ENHYPEN's cafe challenge has begun💦 after familiarizing themselves with high-level recipes and preparing for the hall..👀 Thanks to the members' perfect teamwork and training, EN-CAFE could end up be...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.38🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, May 19th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!🎉EN-CAFE OPENING CELEBRATION🎉 Where is this cafe with the super cool baristas..?!🔍 Coffee made by ENHYPEN..☕ We really really want to try this⭐ Just like a morning coffee or sweet drink🥤 EN-O'CLOC...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.37🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, May 12nd, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!After last week's special training, the members' confidence has shot up Nighttime is finally here for the mafia..🌃 Time for the real game! To find the real mafia🧐 under these puzzling circumstances ...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.36🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, May 5th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!Since the members want to improve their mafia game skills a special mafia training class has begun!🎉 Under the command of a professional polygrapher a silent but fierce mental battle unfolds🔥 Member...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.35🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, April 28th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!In the earlier games Heeseung, Sunoo were leading the pack The real competition starts now!🎮 Members who are amazing at even gaming combined with a professional caster's realistic commentary🎧 This w...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.34🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, April 21st, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!"They're really giving us that...?"😲 <EN- SPORTS PRO LEAGUE> launch celebration! The members' competitive sides are firing up🔥 with the appearance of a "luxury prize" solely for the winner🎮 From me...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.33🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, April 14th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!Jungwon's comment on a Weverse post: "There's a rumor that all the PD-nims passed out after filming thisㅎㅎ...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" First round winners = Heeseung and Jake💪 It'd be a shame to just end things here s...Best Moment of Blessed-Cursed 🎵 Blessed-Cursed 뮤직비디오 속 ENGENE이 가장 좋아하는 ENHYPEN의 순간을 #BestMoment_of_Blessd_Cursed 해시태그와 함께 알려주세요! ❤️ Share your favorite ENHYPEN moment from Blessed-Cursed music video ...📺 EN- O' CLOCK EP.32🕘 is now available (Released Thursday, April 7th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!ALERT📢 ENGENEs watching this week's EN-O'CLOCK will also be a part of the episode's mind games💡 ENGENEs will be 1130% dedicated to the game! A psychological chase throughout the HYBE building ENHA A...