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Oct 5, 2021

Share your favorite GIFs of ⭐EVERGLOW⭐ with the hashtag💕 #MYFAVGIF_EVERGLOW

Congrats🎉 It’s a month anniversary of EVERGLOW Weverse!🥳 EVERGLOW’s congratulatory video to FOREVER has also arrived!💌🎁 It reminds us of all the good memories over the past month!💞 Let’s keep mak...✨WEVERSE Early Release✨ 📢Attention everyone!!📢 🎁As a special gift just for Weverse FOREVER🎁, EVERGLOW are giving us early-access to their latest dance cover! FOREVER ... prepare yourselves ... t...💌Introducing to you EVERGLOW members!💌💌Introducing to you EVERGLOW member, E:U!💌 ✨Name : E:U ✨Date of birth : May 19, 1998 ✨Blood type : O ✨Position : rapper, dancer, the eldest ✨Nickname : Jeonni(져니), Jyonni(죠니), Angry squirrel, Squirr...💌Introducing to you EVERGLOW member, AISHA!💌 ✨Name : AISHA ✨Date of birth : Jul. 21, 2000 ✨Blood type : B ✨Position : rapper, vocal, dancer! Egeul lover ❤️ Tall egeul ✨Nickname :Shasha, Yum, Ashabel...💌Introducing to you EVERGLOW member, YIREN!💌 ✨Name : YIREN ✨Date of birth : Dec. 29, 2000 ✨Blood type : O ✨Position : The youngest dancer ✨Nickname : 一愣(YI LENG), Kippeumi, pomae, Wang ✨To Weverse f...💌Introducing to you EVERGLOW member, SIHYEON!💌 ✨Name : SIHYEON ✨Date of birth : Aug. 05, 1999 ✨Blood type : B ✨Position : leader, lead vocal, the second tallest, tall girl ✨Nickname : Quinsi, Flower...💌Introducing to you EVERGLOW member, ONDA!💌 ✨Name : ONDA ✨Date of birth : Mar. 18, 2000 ✨Blood type : B ✨Position : lead dancer, cutie and lovely, best friend of FOREVER ✨Nickname : Serami, Jo-onda,...💌Introducing to you EVERGLOW member, MIA!💌 ✨Name : MIA ✨Date of birth : Jan.13, 2000 ✨Blood type : A ✨Position : main vocal, main dancer, bright color hair ✨Nickname : Myamya, Miaowng-i, Dotgae ✨To ...Knock, knock! Known for their powerful performance and addictive songs, EVERGLOW joined on Weverse👏 to captivate our eyes👀 and ears👂!! Presenting to you EVERGLOW✨, glowing ever just like their team...