Mar 8, 2022

Since it's the weekend🥳FOREVER who wants to enjoy the ease of a cup of coffee👍🐣🐥FOREVER, did you eat dinner?🐣What are you all doing?Play with AISHACame to the practice room HiLet's talk for a second~~~Been A While, Talk With Mia 🦦🦭Attempting Again …🙊Who wants to go on a date with me~🐒Who Wants To Talk With Sihyeon HeheSHA came because it's SundayIt's been awhile since I did V LIVE hereHappy New Year everyone👋🏻 I am at my parent's houseNot at the front door today! At my parent's house🥰Briefly play with AISHA 🥰❤️Huh??Sha is here~~I Came To Visit!I'm here.2.🦭🦦I'm HereLet's talk with AISHA back from pilates 🥰💋It's Snowed Today Hehe I Came Before Washing My FaceWith AISHA on the weekend🎀Eh? Came Again!Talk with Aisha Before Sleeping ❤️HAPPY MIA DAY♡ Again!!HAPPY MIA DAY♡What Is This?!!!????!!!!??Came back againMia is here for the first time in a whileLet's Talk Before We SleepChatting Time with AISHA❤️E:U came for a bit😉AISHA is here for a moment!!💕HAPPY YIREN DAY♡Turning it on again✨Want to talk briefly✨SIHYEON HI ~ What are you all doing? Let's play with SIHYEONI brought food~🙆🏼‍♀️Who wants to play with me before my food comes~ 🐒FOREVER not asleep, to celebrate the last broadcast, let's talk until late❤️Sad Pirate Has Ended 🥺AISHA is here❤️EVERGLOW DEBUT 1000 DAYSFOREVER who plays with Bored AISHA❤️Play with AISHA❤️Again...Hi, it's AISHA❤️First week is over👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻