EVERGLOW Weverse LIVE - 포에버한테달려갑니다 - EU

Sep 2, 2022

지금 보고 있는 포에버! 이리왓!시현’s 첫 위버스라이브다시!!🍮🧁🍫간식 타임🍭🍬🍪PRINCESS SIHYEON BIRTHDAY PARTY🎂하이~What is everyone doing?I came before getting my hair and makeup done!💕EVERGLOW in JEDDAH💕Weekend ♡Missed you on our way home💕It's been a while😚💕So Hot.Happy End Of Day😆It's been awhile😉I Turned It On.SIHYEON is here 😄SIHYEON is here🤠It's hot lolAgain😉Because the weather is nice😉Suddenly Came for V LIVE Before SleepingHAPPY E:U DAY💜HAPPY ONDA DAY💌AISHA Came For A Bit😁Came For A Bit!!Again..Rooftop V LIVE!Came For A Bit Before Eating Dinner!Again.. With AISHATalking before I go to sleep😻Been A While At The Company😁I Want To Start Again Come BackHungry At This TimeASMR…It Will Not Be... KekekekeJust Come InChat Chat Together~~🙈SIHYEON is here ♡ ♡😭🐒포에버포에버~~다들 뭐해유🐒MIA is here in a long time🦭🦦Sihyeon Also Came In🤔 (Again)시현이도 잠깐 들렸어요🤔덤벼라 렉아!Who Wants To Play With E:U😆AgainㅠㅠㅠWith Bored AISHA😝EVERGLOW 3rd ANNIVERSARY EVERGLOW 3rd ANNIVERSARY💞❦ ˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗ It's the weekend!!!!☀️The weather's gotten very SIHYEON SIHYEON☀️