Sep 4, 2021

Sorry I'm Late Phone Illiterates🥺Drawing with me 🥕Drawing with me 🥕🥕We are ONDA and SIHYEON. We just filmed for UNICEF. We are excited and curious what you are doingChick Person Enters🐣🐣🦦월요일..?🦭도전!다시와써 시현2🦦오랜만에 와따🦭Let's Talk, Gather Around FOREVER~~👍💕EVERGLOW 와 빛나는약속💜FOREVER KIT Unboxing🥳Gather here if you're bored👍🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIHYEONPeople who are bored, play with ONDA💃🏻I'm Bored Let's Talk 🥰[Voice:Only] with 먀🦭🦦Let's talk with SIHYEON💕[Voice:Only] with YIREN 🐒[Voice:Only] with Onda 🐥Even On Weekends, EVERGLOW 🥰😢EVERGLOW's last show..😢🔥Fiery EVERGLOW V LIVE🔥EVERGLOW CAME 🤭😗EVERGLOW is here😗🏆✨FIRST✨🏆Everglow on Sunday 👀!🌟White EVERGLOW🌟EVERGLOW is here~!🤭EVERGLOW COMEBACK 🎉[Replay] EVERGLOW 3rd Single Album [Last Melody] SHOWCASEEVERGLOW COMEBACK D-1 V-LIVE🎶🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONDA & E:U[Voice:Only] with Sihyeon 🎧Playlist Recommendation[Voice:Only] with Onda 🐥[Voice:Only] with Sihyeon 🐶[Voice:Only] with Onda 🐥😉[Voice:Only] with 온다 🐥😉Room with a Reason 🚪Room with a Reason 🚪Room With E:U🚪🎉EVERGLOW 2ND ANNIVERSARY💜[Voice:Only] with SIHYEON 🛎🎀🧸[Voice:Only] with 미아 🤪🤩😎[Voice:Only] with Yiren 🎼E:U is ONDA (coming)💃🏻💃🏻The Playlist We Loved Back Then ☆ ★The Playlist We Loved Back Then ☆ ★[Voice:Only] with 시현 🧧✨에버글로우의 설날 맞이 윷놀이🪁✨