fromis_9 Community Posts - 📩You’ve got mail! From: floverse_9 To: flover who love fromis_9 CC: LEE SAE ROM, SONG HA YOUNG, JANG GYU RI, PARK JI WON, ROH JI SUN, LEE SEO YEON, LEE CHAE YOUNG, LEE NA GYUNG, BAEK JI HEON Title: f

Mar 22, 2022

📩You’ve got mail! From: floverse_9 To: flover who love fromis_9 CC: LEE SAE ROM, SONG HA YOUNG, JANG GYU RI, PARK JI WON, ROH JI SUN, LEE SEO YEON, LEE CHAE YOUNG, LEE NA GYUNG, BAEK JI HEON Title: f

Hello flover! It’s floverse_9 here 😆 Finally, finally, finally! I’m here with an event we prepared with all the excitement in the world when we heard that flover’s official fanclub flover Membership ...flover, are you enjoying 4th Mini Album [Midnight Guest]? Is it getting your hearts all excited?🎶 fromis_9 is giving us their refreshing take on love confession songs with 'DM' and we're loving it!💝...Their new song 'DM’ has finally dropped! 💌 We've been waiting for fromis_9’s gorgeous styling and groovy music! You're listening to it right now, right? 🎧 Here's to successful promotions for fromis...flover! Are you ready to welcome in a new side of fromis_9 for the new year?🌅 Pre-orders are now open for fromis_9's 4th Mini Album, [Midnight Guest]! 😍 This is what we've been waiting for! 📢Wever...Live streaming📡 2022 Weverse Con [New Era] Say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022 with fromis_9💘 Enter now and enjoy the show!💌 How to enjoy 2022 Weverse Con [NEW ERA] concert to the fullest 💌 Here's a pro tip for welcoming in the new year 🌅 while enjoying 2022 Weverse Con [NEW ERA] concert on Weverse!🎤 ⭐ Before the Conc...To_Artist Hashtag Guidelines If you've tried using the To_Artist hashtag and couldn't find your post(s) in the Feed - don't worry! To make sure the Artists can see your messages, posts with the To_Art...🎉Congrats🎉 It's been already 1 month since fromis_9 joined Weverse!🌹 The members have sent a message in appreciation of us, flover!💌 Let’s keep making exhilarating and precious memories on fromis_..."Duduru Dudu Duru Don’t hang up just yet, 5 minutes more Woo 10 minutes more like this, Woo🎶” Wait, 100 minutes more.. No, 1000 minutes more…! It’s never enough to watch and listen to 'Talk & Talk'💕...💌Introducing fromis_9’s BAEK JI HEON to you!💌 ⭐ Name : BAEK JI HEON ⭐ Date of birth : April 17, 2003 ⭐ Blood type : B ⭐ Nickname : HEON ⭐ To Weverse Fans : Haiii 😊 Let’s have fun together Weverse o...💌Introducing fromis_9’s LEE NA GYUNG to you!💌 ⭐ Name : LEE NA GYUNG ⭐ Date of birth : June 1, 2000 ⭐ Blood type : A ⭐ Nickname : NAKO ⭐ To Weverse Fans : Let’s have a great time on weverse! Weverse ...💌Introducing fromis_9’s LEE CHAE YOUNG to you!💌 ⭐ Name : LEE CHAE YOUNG ⭐ Date of birth : May 14, 2000 ⭐ Blood type : B ⭐ Nickname : GGYANG-I ⭐ To Weverse Fans : It’s our first time on Weverse. Let’...💌Introducing fromis_9’s LEE SEO YEON to you!💌 ⭐ Name : LEE SEO YEON ⭐ Date of birth : January 22, 2000 ⭐ Blood type :A ⭐ Nickname : DEOYEONY, SYEONY ⭐ To Weverse Fans : Hello there, I’m SEO YEON fro...💌Introducing fromis_9’s ROH JI SUN to you!💌 ⭐ Name : ROH JI SUN ⭐ Date of birth : November 23, 1998 ⭐ Blood type : B ⭐ Nickname : JISUN-E, JISSEN-E ⭐ To Weverse Fans : Let’s make some great memories...💌Introducing fromis_9’s PARK JI WON to you!💌 ⭐ Name : PARK JI WON ⭐ Date of birth : March 20, 1998 ⭐ Blood type : A ⭐ Nickname : Megan ⭐ To Weverse Fans : Haiii! I’m so glad to meet you Weverse fans...💌Introducing fromis_9’s JANG GYU RI to you!💌 ⭐ Name : JANG GYU RI ⭐ Date of birth : December 27, 1997 ⭐ Blood type : B ⭐ Nickname : GYUL ⭐ To Weverse Fans : Hi! Let’s hang out! 🧡 Weverse only Short...💌Introducing fromis_9’s SONG HA YOUNG to you!💌 ⭐ Name : SONG HA YOUNG ⭐ Date of birth : September 29, 1997 ⭐ Blood type : A ⭐ Nickname : HANYANG ⭐ To Weverse Fans : Dear flover~! fromis_9 landed on ...💌Introducing fromis_9’s LEE SAE ROM to you!💌 ⭐ Name : LEE SAE ROM ⭐ Date of birth : January 7, 1997 ⭐ Blood type : B ⭐ Nickname : SAEROMSSI, ROMSAE ⭐ To Weverse Fans :My heart is fluttering already ...📣⭐CONGRATS⭐📣 A group known for its multiple talents and unwavering creative growth!✨ fromis_9 Weverse has opened!💕 “Come with me now How far do you wanna go? WE GO WE GO~~🎶" After the release of t...