fromis_9 Weverse LIVE - 지선 - ROH JI SUN

Dec 5, 2022

❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️니니플리🎧🎶<LOVE FROM.> D-1마라🔫나랑 놀 사람잠깐🌌위버스 연습Hot and bright✨ Stay This Way☘️Stay This Way 2nd Week❤️Stay This Way ☘️🏆fromis_9 Comeback Live 'Stay This Summer'Stay This Way❤️Malatang is hereNakko Day 🍮Jiwon, Seoyeon 🎵Kkoing to do VOICE ONLYHeon-y Fragrance Making 🌹Chaeng's Birthday🐿🎂Fridayfromis day❤️I'm HereWhat are you doing flover2🍀🌧️What are you doing flover🍀🌧️👀Me Day Merry Megan Day🎂Hi flover