Gracie Abrams Community Posts - Let's share our thoughts on the Feels Like Official M/V🎬🥰 #FeelsLike_Gracie

Oct 8, 2021

Let's share our thoughts on the Feels Like Official M/V🎬🥰 #FeelsLike_Gracie

👑THE QUEEN IS BACK👑 Gracie is finally back with her new single💿🎼 and it Feels Like.. the sweetest gift ever!!🎁🤩💝 Gracie Weverse Family! Let's show some 💖 to our queen by sharing how the song m...Dear Gracie Weverse Family!✨ We all know that Gracie has the voice of an angel👼 and gives us endless comfort🤗💖 How happy would we be if we could listen to one of our favorite songs sung by her beau...🎉SEPTEMBER 7 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE🎉 Dear Gracie Weverse Family!✨ Today is lovely Gracie's 22nd birthday🥳💖 Let's celebrate together🎂🤩 and send Gracie sweet birthday wishes💌 with the hashtag #...🎵Today's recommended song🎵 for the Gracie Weverse family!💗 "I miss you, I'm sorry", Gracie's legendary song🎧 that makes us feel like we're the star-crossed main characters in a heartbreaking roman...🔊Calling the Gracie Weverse family🔊 Pay attention please!! Look who's BACK with sweet greetings just for us on Weverse!💓 Let's give Gracie a warm welcome back🤗 by writing posts with the hashtag💌 ...Mood: Missing Gracie🥺 Listening to: I miss you, I'm sorry💘 Miss Gracie (no pun intended😝) - the Weverse fam is always missing you!💞 Everyone, let's show our 💓 for Gracie by sharing our favourite..."I get too close I just go mess it up" 🎶 "Let it happen / Let it happen" 🎶 Miss Gracie has done it again ... Another release, another BOP!! 😍 It's stuck in my head already >_< and I 💓 it! Graci...🚨 AHEM!! IMPORTANT NEWS EVERYONE!! 🚨 Our beloved GRACIE has released 💖 the Official Acoustic Video for "Unlearn"!! 🎹 Bestie ... thank you for spoiling us 🥺 Let's watch together!📢Everyone!!📢 It's already been a year!!! 🥳 The 1-year anniversary of  Gracie's "I miss you, I'm sorry"💝 Let's listen together and  leave our congratulations🎉"Cause if I'm gonna learn how to love you   I need to unlearn how to love too" We all know relationships can be tough💔😭 For everyone scared of falling too deeply in love ... Gracie has released 'Unl...