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Jun 18, 2021

IT'S FINISHED '18', coming june 24,

hello! comment your favorite song of mine, and what style of music of mine you're most looking forward to hearing in the future - the next album is filled with lots of fun stuff XDweverse sees a side of me nobody else seesomg..... somebody explain why this video exists. its so cute im going to die"this is how you fall in love" x @webtoon’s suitor armor !! check it out here: you listen veryyyy carefully, you can hear my new music in the backgroundchelsea and i did a livestream concert a few months ago & its finally available everywhere to stream :-)))do i start teasing album stuff on here orrrrrrrspecial news for my weverse fam:album incomingggggwho watched "brent: live from the internet" ... im curious🖤do u lyke my new glassysit's been so long since i've played a show. if you've seen my concert before, just know it will be 100000x better next time around 😇greetings from my couch. it's 1:57 pm in new york and i feel like a GRANDPA trying to figure out how to work SOCIAL MEDIA all over again 😫hi guys!!!! im so happy to be here :) please bear with me as i figure out how to use this app lol