[NOTICE] XIA 2023 CONCERT Chapter 1 : Recreation Information Notice

▶ Apply for Membership Early Reservation(For both GLOBAL / JAPAN Shop) ▶ Go to 'Event Applications' Hello, This is PALMTREE ISLAND. We would like to announce the XIA 2023 CONCERT Chapter 1 : Recreation The full overview of the event, pre-order schedule and notifications are as follows. We would appreciate COCONUT’s support and participation. [Event Overview] ■ Event Period : 2023.12.29(Fri) ~ 2023.12.31(Sun) ■ Event Time : Fri 20:00 / Sat 19:00 / Sun 18:00 (KST) ■ Event Location : JAMSIL INDOOR STADIUM ■ Ticket Price : VIP Seat 165,000Won / R Seat 154,000Won / S Seat 121,000Won / A Seat 99,000Won (KRW, VAT included) ■ Show Hours : 150 Min (Scheduled) ■ Show Rating : Ages 8 and up ■ Booking Site : Ticketlink ■ Purchase Limit : Pre-order - 1 Ticket per Person per show / General Order - 2 Tickets per Person per show (Included pre-order purchases) ■ Ticket Opens : Pre-order - Monday, November 20, 8:00PM to 11:59PM (KST) General Order - Wednesday, November 22, 8:00PM (KST) [Pre-order Guide] This is a benefit provided to users registered for ‘KIMJUNSU OFFICIAL FANCLUB COCONUT 2nd Membership’ and it is applicable only for ‘XIA 2023 CONCERT Chapter 1 : Recreation’. Please be noted that you must be applied for pre-order participation and membership authentication within each time period for a smooth pre-order process. * Pre-order participation application - Weverse * Membership authentication - Ticketlink Ticketlink bookers, actual viewers, and membership members must all match when pre-ordering. The membership pre-order gate is operated separately within the concert hall. Upon entry, we will cross-reference the 'actual ID' and the 'Weverse membership card (mobile)' of the ticket holder to verify the actual attendee's identity If your identity cannot be confirmed, entry and attendance will not be possible, even if you possess a ticket, so please make sure to have the following three items with you. 1. Advance ticket 2. Actual ID (Please prepare a resident registration card, driver's license, passport, etc. that can match your face and name. In the case of adolescents, prepare a student ID and passport to check their faces and names and show them to us.) 3. Weverse Membership Card (Mobile) (Please pre-arrange your mobile card for name verification.) [Pre-order participation application / Member authentication / Pre-order process] *Please check the table below on the web. [Pre-order Application Notice] - Period : Thursday, November 9, 2:00PM to Monday, November 13, 11:59PM (KST) - Notice : (1) Pre-order participation is limited to users registered for ‘KIMJUNSU OFFICIAL FANCLUB COCONUT 2nd Membership’. (2) Users who wish to pre-order can apply within the Pre-order Guide post of Weverse app ‘Notice’ within the time period. (3) When the pre-order application period is over, all pre-order application / membership authentication / pre-orders are unavailable. (4) Participation application details can be checked through the ‘Event Application Details’ in the ‘See more’ menu in the top right corner of Weverse. [Membership Authentication Notice] - Period : Wednesday, November 15, 2:00PM to Sunday, November 19, 11:59PM (KST) - Notice : (1) ‘KIMJUNSU OFFICIAL FANCLUB COCONUT 2nd Membership’ users who have applied for the pre-order on the Weverse app, can pre-authenticate on the Ticketlink booking site within the above period. (2) 1 Ticketlink ID can be authenticated using 1 Weverse account that has applied for pre-order, and duplicated authentication is not possible. (3) For pre-order, you must be registered at Ticketlink and you must be self-identified (cellphone, I-PIN) in order to book. In addition, pre-order is unavailable if you have not authenticated within the membership authentication period. (4) Memberships can be authenticated using your membership number and email address that was used to register for ‘KIMJUNSU OFFICIAL FANCLUB COCONUT 2nd Membership’. ※ The booking site link for membership authentication and membership pre-order / general order will be announced later on the official SNS page. ※ Membership pre-order is limited to 1 Ticket per Person per show and general order is limited to 2 Tickets per Person per show. (ex. In the case of booking all 3 shows using pre-order and general order, the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased with one ID is 6) ※ General orders are proceeded after membership pre-order bookings, with the remaining seats. ※ If you are authenticated on the domestic booking site, you can only book on the domestic booking site. If you are authenticated on the global booking site, you can only book on the global booking site. ※ If you registered for Weverse Shop through a social login using Apple ID, please check your Weverse Shop ID (email) at ‘Weverse Shop > My’ and proceed with authentication at Ticketlink.