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의문의 라이브27번째 생일 맞은 김우석 (feat.🤫👢🧶)Simple Talk[Replay] KIM WOO SEOK(김우석) 3RD DESIRE [Reve] SHOWCASE Tomorrow is Kim Woo Seok's birthday 🌸Eat ItCome in and let's talk!!Not a housewarming, but keeping it simple while eatingThank you[Full] KIM WOO SEOK 2ND DESIRE SHOWCASE : [TASTY HOUSE]Christmas Eve Is a Day with NIA! 🎄100 Q&A with Woo Seok✏WOO SEOK Playground, Do Whatever WOO SEOK Wants to Do💕Kim Woo Seok Solo Debut 1ST DESIRE [GREED]What's your name? KIM WOO SEOK's Official Fandom Name Announcement🎉Today, Be with Wooseok