Hello. The first Season’s Greetings containing LE SSERAFIM’s special moments! What would LE SSERAFIM’s classes and a weekend full of happiness look like? Refined and energetic classes created by the members and a candid weekend away in a summer house! Every moment of LE SSERAFIM is recorded in a photobook, a calendar and a diary. In the Digital Code Card are “Thanks LE SSERAFIM Day” in which the members express gratitude toward one another for their hard work in 2022 and “Ask Anything” in which they answer interesting questions to show a glimpse of the members full of love. For FEARNOT and LE SSERAFIM’s 2023, LE SSERAFIM ”2023 SEASON’S GREETINGS” will be available for pre-order from November 24th and released officially on January 20th. *This product is made of paper certified by Forest Stewardship Council and printed with biodegradable soy ink. [Online/offline domestic retailers] • PRE-ORDER DATE: From 11am KST, Thursday, November 24th, 2022 *The stock may run out early. • RELEASE DATE: Friday KST, January 20th, 2023 ➢ WEVERSE SHOP US -OUT BOX Size: 188 x 258 x 40mm *The box is a packaging to protect the merchandise items inside. It may be stained and/or damaged during shipping and not subject to exchange or refund. [SPEC] 1. PHOTOBOOK 160*220mm / 72p 2. DESK CALENDAR 170*230mm / 28p / 13months (World ver.) 3. DIARY 160*220mm / 108p 4. STICKER 50*60mm / 5EA 5. DIGITAL CODE CARD (MAKING VIDEO) 86*54mm / 1EA [144p], [270p], [360p], [480p SD], [720p HD], [1080p FHD] KOREAN, ENGLISH, JAPANESE, CHINESE ABOUT 70 MINS 6. DOUBLE-SIDE PHOTOCARD 55*85mm / 5EA 7. STUDENT IDENTITY CARD 85*55mm / 5EA 8. ID PHOTO 35*45mm / 5EA 9. INSTANT PHOTO 55*85mm / 5EA (RANDOM 1 SET of 2 SET) <How to watch LE SSERAFIM ”2023 SEASON’S GREETINGS” DIGITAL CODE> Watch the video(VOD) by using the digital code card enclosed with the merchandise. Digital codes are services that allow you to watch high definition VODs on Weverse. Register/verify the code on the card to watch the VOD. [How To Use The Digital Code] - MOBILE * QR code: Use the smartphone camera to scan the QR code and visit m.weverse.io/code. Redeem the digital code and enjoy the video on Weverse app. * Digital code: Visit weverse.io/code, and enter the digital code near the bottom. Enjoy the video on Weverse app. - PC * Visit GLOBAL > MORE > [ENTER DIGITAL CODE] menu on the Weverse website. Enter the digital code near the bottom and enjoy the video. * Visit weverse.io/code, and enter the digital code near the bottom. Enjoy the video on the Weverse website. - TV APP * Visit weverse.io/code or the Weverse website and enter the digital code. Enjoy the video on the Weverse TV app. ※You need a Weverse Account to watch the content. ※One digital code can be registered per one Weverse Account. The code cannot be registered in another account when it is already registered in one account. ※Please note that once you delete your Weverse Shop/Weverse account, your purchase history cannot be restored. *Please note that the size and contents of each item may change due to the circumstances of the manufacturer. ⓟ&ⓒ 2022 SOURCE MUSIC & HYBE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MADE IN KOREA.