[EVENT] Weverse Shop Customer LE SSERAFIM 1st Mini Album [FEARLESS] Pre-order Video Call Fansign

LE SSERAFIM 1st Mini Album [FEARLESS] Video Call Fansign for Weverse Customers! You’re cordially invited to the exciting first video call fansign of LE SSERAFIM! 👉Enter Raffle 👉Check Raffle Status 👉Buy Album [Video Call Fansign Details] Date: Date and Time will be announced later. Video Call Time: 1 minute per member, 6 minutes total [Raffle Eligibility] All customers who purchased at least 1 [Video Call Fansign] 1st Mini Album 'FEARLESS' on Weverse Shop GLOBAL during the event period. ※ One (randomly selected) of your purchased albums will be signed by the members. [Raffle Dates] Wed. April 13, 2022, 11:00 AM - Sun. April 24, 2022, 11:59 PM (KST) [Winner Announcement] Mon. May 2, 2022, 8:00 PM (KST) The winners will be announced in a notice. Customers can also check their status to see if they’ve won. [Raffle Winners (Total 50)] 50 winners will be selected for video call fansign + signed album * Your information must match the information you submitted for the raffle entry (the information cannot be changed after you submit them). Cannot be transferred to another person. [Questions & Answers] Contact us on Weverse Shop Customer Service [How to Enter the Fansign Raffle] ※ Your information for the raffle cannot be changed after you submit them so please make sure your information (Messenger ID, your contact information, and etc.) are correct and free of error. We are not responsible for damages caused by incorrect information. 1. Raffle event is held on Weverse. 2. You can enter the raffle after entering the required information as indicated on the fansign event page. - Name (The person who is entering the raffle) - Date of birth (YYYYMMDD format, 8 digits) - KAKAO TALK ID - Valid mobile phone number 3. You must manually enter the raffle on Weverse in order to participate in the raffle event. 4. The number of raffle entries will automatically equal the number of albums ordered on Weverse Shop GLOBAL, not the number of orders. For album sets, the number of raffle entries will equal the total number of albums included in the sets. ※ 100% of the album sales on Weverse Shop count for Hanteo Chart and Gaon Chart. ※ This event is subject to change and cancellation without prior notice. ※ Detailed directions for the video call will be posted later in the raffle winner announcement. Please Note (When entering the raffle) 1. You will enter the raffle on Weverse App; therefore, you must be logged in to Weverse with your Weverse Shop account which was used to purchase the album. If you do not have a Weverse account, please sign up for Weverse and join LE SSERAFIM Weverse with the same account as your Weverse Shop account used to purchase the albums. You will be redirected to the raffle page when you tap 'Enter Raffle' on the announcement posted on LE SSERAFIM Weverse, in which you are logged in with Weverse Shop account used to purchase the album. 2. The raffle is based on the time of raffle entry and the time of payment for the album. 3. The winner announcement and the event process will be based and use the information you submitted to the raffle. 4. Those with nationalities other than South Korean can enter the raffle with the English names that appear on their valid photo ID. Please note that the name of the person who entered the raffle must match the name on the passport. (Names entered in Korean will not be accepted.) 5. When entering the raffle, Weverse and Weverse Shop GLOBAL will collect your personal information (name, date of birth, email, and phone number). Raffle winners may be required to provide additional personal information for participation in the event, and the information may be transferred to Source Music, and HYBE. (For those who enter the raffle, the information will be discarded within 7 days after the event has ended. The raffle winners’ information will be discarded 1 year after the event ends.) 6. The fansign invitation cannot be transferred to another person, and you will be denied entry to the fansign if your information under your ID and the information in the raffle entry do not match. 7. Canceling the album order after entering the raffle will result in exclusion from the raffle. 8. If you enter the raffle after purchasing the albums, those albums cannot be accepted for returns OR be canceled after the raffle has ended. Please Note (For shipping) 1. The albums you ordered during the event period and the order(s) containing the albums, excluding the 1 album necessary for the fansign autographs, will be delivered to the address you submitted with your order after the event ends. 2. One (random) of the albums purchased will be signed by the artist. Please be aware that it will be considered you accept that your album will be opened to be signed by the artist. 3. The signed album will be delivered to the participating raffle winner after the video call fansign. But if additional shipping costs arise due to the customer’s circumstances, such as 1) incorrect or incomplete information provided by the raffle winner (last name / first name / address / contact information), 2) refusal to pay appropriate custom duties, or 3) the recipient not being available to accept the delivery or refusal to accept the delivery, the additional shipping costs must be borne by the customer. Weverse reserves the right to issue a refund for the product if the delivery cannot be completed due to the customer’s circumstances. Please Note (If you won the video call fansign) 1. Video call fansign will be held on KAKAO TALK mobile application at the time scheduled for each raffle winner. A message will be sent to the raffle winner on KAKAO TALK mobile application before the video call, to let you know the event has started. 2. The staff will verify the raffle winner and the fansign will start. Please have your valid photo ID ready for the staff. ※ What is a valid photo ID? - South Korean nationality: South Korean Resident Card, driver’s license, Passport (issued before December 21, 2020), South Korean Youth Card (issued by community service centers) - Non-South Korean nationality: Passport, Certification of alien registration * Other IDs (ex/ student IDs) are not allowed. * Those who submit passports issued after December 21, 2020 must submit passport information verification documents together with the passport to be verified. * All IDs must be presented physically and must not be expired, to be considered valid. 3. If the video call connection fails two times, the next raffle winner will start their turn. We will try calling you one more time after the next raffle winner finishes the fansign. If you do not or cannot answer the video call, it will be considered that you will not participate in the fansign and we will not try again. 4. For the protection of the artists, the staff will observe the fansign proceedings, which will also be recorded. If the staff considers that the video call is inappropriate and violates the nature of the fansign, the video call will be ended prematurely. 5. Please end the video call once the given time is over. If the raffle winner does not end the video call, it may be ended by the staff.