MAX Community Posts - 💘NEW SONG💘 #WASABI IS FINALLY OUT! Check it out now in the media tab🎬 and share your thoughts📝 with the hasghtag #WASABI

Jul 25, 2022

💘NEW SONG💘 #WASABI IS FINALLY OUT! Check it out now in the media tab🎬 and share your thoughts📝 with the hasghtag #WASABI

✨ATTENTION @ MAX Weverse Family!✨ As y'all know, THE NEW MAX SONG 'WASABI' IS COMING SOON!😆 Show MAX how excited you are for the new song by posting your favorite picture of him📷 with the hashtag #W...#favorite_collaboration Dear MAX Weverse Family!✨ As y'all know, MAX has collaborated with various artists, giving us the joy of appreciating so many different kinds of music!😆 We know it's hard to c...#GUCCI_BAG_MAX MAX'S NEW SINGLE HAS DROPPED! Check it out right now💖 and share your thoughts with the hashtag #GUCCI_BAG_MAXDear MAX Weverse Family!💖 As y'all know, MAX has tried lots of suits in various vivid colors✨ while promoting Colour Vision! Pure white, ocean blue, deep yellow, light purple, bright red..! How is it...✨MAX APPRECIATION HOURS✨ Dear MAX lovers, Can you imagine...💭 If you're given a chance to attend MAX's tour🥰 which MAX song would you most love to see him perform?🎤 After watching this legendary 'L...Calling all MAX lovers!💖 Have y'all checked out this fantastic collaboration with SUGA (aka. AGUST D) and MAX? AGUST D (Feat. MAX) - Burn It Even though it has already been over a year since its rele...🎉HAPPY NEW YEAR🎉 Dear MAX Weverse family!🔔 May the new year bless y'all with health, love, and happiness!💖 Dear fellow MAX lovers: To start off the new year on a high note, how about we listen to ...Ding-dong🔔 💌A video message from MAX has arrived!💌 Would you like to open it?😆 Wishing everyone happy holidays✨ MAX has sent holidays wishes for us, only on Weverse! Dear MAX Weverse family, Let's...MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) The music masterpiece that continues to make headlines👏 - Surpassed 150M streams on Spotify - Included in Rogét Chahayed’s Producer of the Year nomination at ...To_Artist Hashtag Guidelines If you've tried using the #To_Artist hashtag and couldn't find your post(s) in the Feed - don't worry! To make sure the Artists can see your messages, posts with the #To_A...Dear MAX Weverse family!💖 We all agree that watching MAX's live performance🎤 makes us feel like we're in the heaven..!👼 Of course, every single performance of his makes us moved, but if you were to...Calling all MAX lovers!💖 In anticipation of MAX's upcoming U.S. tour 👀 we have a Just For Fun question: What's your personal ✨dream✨ MAX concert setlist? Of course, we wish MAX could play every sin...Dear MAX Weverse Family!✨ As we all know, MAX is blessed with a sweet and powerful voice that always inspires us to the MAX😍🎼 Imagine how mind-blowing it would be to hear him sing one of our favori...🔊Calling the MAX Weverse Family🔊 Have y'all checked out the new remix version of 'Butterflies'?🤗🦋 Thanks to the fantastic collaboration with Snakehips, the original beautiful song perfectly transf...Have y'all checked out MAX's first Moment?🤩 He said "I ❤️ tacos" And let us say... "We ❤️ MAX" 🥰🥰 Dear MAX Weverse family, What MAX song do you ❤️ the most? Blueberry Eyes, Butterflies, Still New Y...🔊Calling MAX AND KPOP fans!🔊 A very special gift for all of you has arrived🎁 MAX's Mashup of "Ready to love" (SEVENTEEN) and "Checklist"🎤💗 MAX is giving us early access, only on Weverse👍 So let...📝WEVERSE POP QUIZ📝 Hey MAX fam - it's time for a Weverse Pop Quiz!🌟 Answer the 5 questions below with the hashtag #MAX_QUIZ to share your knowledge and love💖 on our musical angel MAX🌞 1. What MAX...🦋MAX & Ali Gatie - Butterflies (Official Music Video)🦋 THE FULL MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT! From Blueberry Eyes to Butterflies ... MAX, we have so much love for you🌞, your beautiful family💗, and your beau...✨WEVERSE EXCLUSIVE✨ Attention everyone!! You saw it here first - the official 'Butterflies'🦋 MV teaser is being shared with the Weverse MAX fam before the rest of the world!!🌐 As if we didn't 💗 yo...🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX🎉 We hope your day will be as bright and beautiful as you💖🌞 MAX fam, send MAX your happy birthday wishes with the hashtag #HappyBirthday_MAX ✨Hey MAX fam! Has everyone seen this???💌👀 Omg ... another legendary💥 collaboration: MAX and KANG DANIEL performing Acid Dreams LIVE from the Asia Artist Awards! MAX's smooth vocals💖 + KANG DANIE...✨WEVERSE EXCLUSIVE✨ 10 for 10 Q&A with MAX😍 1. Favourite food? 🌞 I LOVE breakfast. A cold brew iced coffee, some eggs, avocado, mushrooms and toast, a little crispy bacon if I’m craving it that day....Three letters to describe one amazing human🥰 M - Magical✨ A - Angelic😇 X - Xtraordinary vocal king!!!🎤 📝FACT SHEET📝 🌞Name: MAX 🌞Birthday: June 21, 1992 ⭐Star sign⭐: Cancer ♋ 🌞Home town: New Yo...