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thank you to everyone who joined the livestream 🫶🏻Photo uploaded.what song would you guys like to hear me cover?😍I hope everyone has a beautiful day 🦋Hey Guys. I hope you are having a good day! We released a section of a new song that we have been working on called Butterfly 🦋 I’d love to know what you think of it. It is over on our Instagram Reel...I sang Know Me Too Well with my puppy on my new tik tok! I hope you like it 🫶🥰 (@reecejbibby)Hey guys! I’m getting rid of some clothes from my wardrobe! If you are interested in getging anything from me I have started a depop! much love 🫶Can’t wait to be in Busan in October! See you soon ❤️Hey guys! Sorry we have been so quiet! We are working on something big for NHC right now. But we cant wait to see you on stage again very soon. Hopefully at the woodstock festival in korea! 🫶hi weverse ❤️and i realise when you hang up… KMTW live is so fun 🫶 video credit: amylrphotography (instagram)We’ll be back on stage in Korea very soon for the Woodstock Festival! Hope to see some of your lovely faces there 🫶🇰🇷Not long to wait 😈🇺🇸Tomorrow I will livestream :)Photo uploaded.I’m so excited for these California shows coming up! Tickets are available now for LA, San Diego & Santa Ana. See you guys soon 🫶Back playing shows in 🇺🇸 See you soon xPhoto uploaded.Hey we’ll be at 여의도 한강공원 at 5pm! See you there 🫶Japan was AMAZING. I had such a great time, thank you for a great show ❤️ We are flying to Seoul this morning 🫶You can now watch the Just Don’t Know It Yet music video through the Weverse media tab ❤️ Show it some love 🫶Just Dont Know It Yet is all yours. I cant wait to sing it live with you all very soon.Just Don’t Know It Yet is finally out! I hope you love the song, it feels like a speical one for us as we have never really released a song like this before. Give it a listen on your streaming platfor...3 Days until our song ‘Just Dont Know It Yet’ is out! I cant waittttttI cant wait to play shows soon 🫶Just Don’t Know It Yet • April 14th •Photo uploaded.Miss you guys :( but we will be in Japan very soon! Who is coming to the show? 🇯🇵The sped up version of Know Me Too Well is out now everywhereeeeee! Enjoy our pitched up voices xThank you for all of your lovely birthday messages. I love you all. See you soon ❤️I can’t wait to be back playing shows 🫶We are coming back to Korea to play a show! With a special guest performance from our friends P1Harmony. Tickets are on sale now 🫶went for a little run this morning 🏃The Club gives us purpose and we give the club a safe place to be themselves. We love you, you will always be our valentine ❤️🇫🇷im so excited to be back in Tokyo soon 👀🇯🇵 Here is the link to tickets if you want to come along 🫶What a crazy couple of days! Thank you to the P1Harmony boys for letting us play a couple of songs at their NYC show. Was so much fun 🫶JAPAN 🇯🇵 We will be with you soon & we can’t wait ☺️🫶 Love you all xxxWe are coming to JAPAN 🇯🇵 Cant wait to be back, see you soon. 🫶 Tickets on sale saturday xHey Weverse. I hope you’re doing well, our new song Don’t Go Wasting Time just came out and it would mean the world to us if you went to give it a listen and shared it with all of your friends. Let me...I’m about to post a picture on instagram guys 🫶 head over and i’ll reply to comments for a while xHey everyone! To celebrate Know Me Too Well being so close to 100m streams we did a little dance over on TikTok. Head over there and check it out. Leave a 💚 emoji so I know you’ve come from Weverse xI’m so sorry I didnt make the livestream. I hope you all had a lovely time with G&R! I will make sure to say hi to you all on another live this week. Sending love and apologies. Jet Lag 1 - Blake 0Video uploaded.I CANT WAIT FOR THE 27TH…This is for the sweet Cait that messaged me, I’m sorry for the loss of your nana. Sending all of my love ❤️❤️We recorded a live version of LUSH for vevo. Comment “💙” if you came from weverse 🫶We are so excited to announce that our new single Don’t Go Wasting Time is coming out on the 27th of January! You are able to pre save the song now by clicking this link ❤️We are announcing something very exciting on an Instagram livestream in 2 hours time! Who is ready?Photo uploaded.Ask me some questions in the comments xxxwhats the next song I need to cover for tik tok or reels? 🫶HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ❤️Happy New Year everyone I LOVE YOUPhoto uploaded.Hey :) We made the perfect tik tok & reels sound to make your 2022 recaps. Its on the most recent post of ours tik tok & instagram reels. I would love to see you all make one. I’ll be reposting any th...Who’s excited for 2023?!We just posted a cover of Christmas Tree by V on our youtube channel. Hope you enjoy ❤️🎄We just recorded a cover of “Christmas Tree” by V! Who’d like to see it? 🎄hiiii everyone, I’m on a long car journey… ask me some questions xBack in the studio doing something pretty cool, what do you think we are working on?👀Photo uploaded.I covered Astronaut by JIN for his birthday on instagram reels! check it out ❤️🎂Whilst we were in Asia we made a whole music video to our new song Walk It Out. Its OUT NOW! Enjoy 💙Hello Weverse… We just dropped some new merch! We promise it’s 3D! 💙NEW MERCH! We want to see some of you guys in these 💙💙💙should i go live later on?Song suggestions for tomorrows livestream please •_•Hey my lovelys! I might do a livestream today or tomorrow, let me know what time (USA west coast) is best for you all to watch along! xLa La La Lush ❤️L.U.S.H. music video out now! 💙 You can go and watch it now over on Youtube xxxYou guys already have your hands on L.U.S.H & Walk It Out 💙💙💙 Enjoy!!!Also see you on the livestream later 😀💙We hope you guys like the new songs 💙💙💙I had a morning run today 🌞 What did you guys do? xWe accidentally leaked our new song on TikTok… Just ignore it until it’s out on the 26th of October 💙Hey George 💙Hey weverse! ask me some questions ❤️We got to see Enhypen again this week at their show in LA. They were so so good! We recorded a little cover of Polaroid Love for tik tok, let us know what you think ❤️Photo uploaded.‘Hello Weverse it’s George calling. Was just wondering if you would be interested in the music video for our song ‘Whatever‘ that comes out this Thursday?’📚☁️We visited Weverse at the HYBE building! Check out what we got up to ❤️🕺Just sitting thinking about what an amazing Asia trip we had. Some of the best shows we have played as a band. Thank you to everyone that made it so special, we promise it wont be long until we come b...What do you guys think? Does it suit me? Vietnam was so much fun! ❤️Photo uploaded.Hey! Have you guys seen our new music video for Call Me A Quitter? What do you think??My face when someone tells me they haven’t listened to Call Me A Quitter yet…Call Me a Quitter & Whatever are out 🥲 Enjoy Weverse, let me know what you think in the comments ❤️I can’t belive that Call Me A Quitter & Whatever come out tonight! Put your hands up if you’re excited ❤️❤️Just landed in Singapore! Looking forward to a great trip 💛🇸🇬Indonesia, thank you for a wonderful night. Love each and every one of you! We will be back soon ❤️ In the meantime stay safe.Keep smiling :)Stumped for a caption 🌳Korea thank you so much for an amazing trip. We are so grateful for all your support. I can’t wait to come back and see you all again. Please stay safe and keep spreading love like you always do ❤️Lunch time in Indonesia! Can’t wait for the show on sunday 🇮🇩💛That was so surreal! Thank you so much Korea, we love you with all of our hearts. We will be back soon, I promise 💛💛💛Today is the day! See you soon Haus Of Wonder 💛next page