New Hope Club Community Posts - I took this in the studio 📷:) - Reece Bibby

Mar 14, 2021

I took this in the studio 📷:)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I love you all very dearly ❤️Happy Birthday George ❤️Photo uploaded.We are busy writing and recording our 2nd album! Who's excited for it?Wet and cold :,(It's been a year since we released our debut album, New Hope Club. A huge thank you to everyone for all your support, we love you all so much. We cannot wait to be back out there playing these songs! ...I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Sending my love to all of you, stay safe, spread love and happiness xwho would like to see us cover a BTS song? :)Hello Weverse, it's me again 😊 Just wanted to let you know I post a video singing 'Somebody That You Loved' on our media page. Feel free to check it out! Sending my love to all of you xxxI went for a winter walk in the snow xHi! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend xThanks for requesting Medicine yesterday :) If you want to watch it, you can check it out in our media section now <3Hey guys, hope you are having a lovely day! I'm going to record an acoustic version of one of our own songs... What would you like to hear? xHello everyone, I'm Blake. Thank you for all the support and love on weverse so far!Sending lots of love to all of you around the world. Have a great day and keep smiling xHello everyone, I'm Reece! Im very excited to be here on Weverse, thank you all for welcoming us <3 Introduce yourself in the comments and lets all get to know eachother :) xHello Weverse :)