New Hope Club Community Moments - 🫶 - George Smith

Jan 6, 2023

🫶 - George Smith

Walk It Out music video OUT NOW!Moment uploaded.Moment uploaded.Smile:)Thank you for joining our first livestream 💛Cant wait to be back in Indonesia 💛🇮🇩💛We are coming back to korea💛🇰🇷💛Heres my pug in a peanut. Happy 1 year of weverse.❤️We just filmed a cover exclusively for you guys ❤️Weverse saw it first 👀So good to be back singing with you all xLondon show ❤️Back in my happy place We made lasagne 😍My song rec is KNOW ME TOO WELL! Go and listen and wath the official music video now ❤️Something exclusive and exciting coming for you next week weverse!Password...Bettyisqueen Building a snowman ⛄️Enjoying some spring sunHappy Birthday To our precious 1st album ❤️Back when I could have hair cuts 😭😁I love the snow ❄️❤️The song you requested me to sing is now in our ‘media’ section! Enjoy :) xGo and like the comment that you want to hear :)Wow thank you for all of your song suggestions on my latest post! I’ll be choosing one at random to record... Hello everyone, Blake here! Hope you all have a lovely day x P.S this was my reaction when I found out we were joining weverse. Feeling very lucky to be able to connect with you all xHey everyone! Glad to be here on Weverse ❤️