[NOTICE] NewJeans HYEIN’s Health and Her Upcoming Schedule

Hello. This is ADOR. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the fans for always supporting and loving NewJeans and update you on HYEIN’s state of health as well as her upcoming schedule. Last month, HYEIN felt pain in the top of her foot during practice. She visited the hospital, where she underwent a thorough examination and discovered a microfracture in her foot. She has since been focusing on treatment and recovery. However, the medical professionals have advised her to minimize any movement that may put unnecessary strain on the affected area. Consequently, HYEIN will not take part in the official promotional activities for the double single “How Sweet,” including music shows and performances, to focus on her recovery. For other scheduled appearances beyond music shows and performances, her participation will be adjusted in a flexible manner based on her health and medical advice. We would like to ask for your generous understanding. We will support HYEIN and her recovery to ensure she can return to her fans in good health. Thank you.