Jun 28, 2020

Sseung Star Music Talk ShowCome back Again Here Hereㅋㄹㄹ ㅋㄹIt's been awhileeeeeㅋㄹㄹ ㅋㄹThe World Is Full of MIRACLE 💜It's Seunghee in Her HometownThere are people who aren't sleeping right now??@3@Late At NightHappy Jiho AgainHappy JihoIt's Jiho (Only for 10 minutes)Who Wants to Play Kart Rider With Me? I Won't Accept ArroganceSeunghee V LIVEPucca Jyo다시왔어효♡MIRACLE🥰It's Jiho💗Proper VHehe Yoo SiaWho Will Make Shasha's Heart Flutter~?It's Jiho🐱Tomorrow is the first showOH MY GIRL COMEBACK SHOWCASE 'NONSTOP'Welcome to Cooking Show ♡Happy 5th Birthday 🧡OH MY GIRL 5-years old♡오마이걸 5짤♡_2Been Awhile 🙃It's Seunghee, Do You Want To Come In?At Home Concert !! Don't Go Look at Cherry Blossoms, but Come Here♡ Staying At Home♡Who wants to play with ShaSha?Purple Mimi Is HereIt's Friday Night, So What Are You Doing?💙Huh? It Looks Good? ThanksSeunghee RadioYou've Been Well, Right, MIRACLE?🥰❤Hihyo♡Because I Miss YouWhy is the wind blowing so much? It's so coldLul Loo 💜I Came BackDid You Eat Lunch?Found My Missing Ear😍💜Come On Yo!ShaSha is HereShoongShoongi