P1Harmony Weverse LIVE - P1Harmony

Jul 21, 2021

🏝 #TTMO Rehearsal 🆘☀️☀️💡 P1Harmony LIGHT UP 💡P1ece who wants to play with me😆JONGSEOB's Main Job Broadcast📺Hello☀️Chatting Ung Chatting UngCome and play for a second☀️Shiny Theo Day💖Keeho's Taste 🕶Mr. Sun Singing Room☀️Mumbling⭐️➕ Partners for 3Q 2021 ➕JONGSOUL picked out cars🚗😆Come in☀️➕ 2Q Partners 👬 DanceMachine ➕Monday is hard, right..?☀️➕ 2Q Partners 👬 Ohyaho ➕➕ 2Q Partners 👬 Ring the Bell➕MumbleMumble🌙Hi☀️Keeho's Taste 🍕Who Wants to Play With Intak😆🔥P1Harmony Last Day Performance 👋Today is fiery FridayKEEHO's Tastes 🥗Mumble Mumble🐿Will JongSoul ring or not🔔Today is Uniform Harmony World 🧸(Old) Partners🌙I say Oh! P1ece say Yahoo🐺☀️Tuning In📺P1Harmony 🔥Comeback D-6🔥Who Wants to Talk Together😆🙌Keeho's Taste 🐣Suddenly Came 🌙I'm Bored➕ Picking 2nd Quarter Partners➕🏫Dance Club After ClassWe suddenly want to eat chicken😝Soul's Practice Time 🕺Jongseob's actual show📺Come in if you're bored☀️➕ March Partners 👬 INto the JONGle ➕➕ March Partners 👬 Stretching ➕➕ March Partners 👬➕Weather is Good➕ Picking March Partners➕ KEEHO's Symbol 💐