P1Harmony Weverse LIVE - JIUNG - 지웅

Sep 16, 2022

오늘도 수고했어요🙂끊겨서 미안해요굿모닝🌞굿모닝🌞인기탁호 늦은 한가위🌕아하하오늘은 9월1일!😄😆 해피 탁데이 D-1 🤠마이크 언박싱다 놀러와 나 졸리기 시작했어출근 하셨습니까인기탁호 in LA ✈️☁️돌아왔다이른 점심공격태양이 잔다Hello➕we are P1HarmonyWhat is everyone doing😅KEEHO's Taste 🥳I'm here to take responsibility for Monday👍☀️KEEHO's Taste 🌌Kkaebi's Bundle of Stories Ep. 0You're not sleeping already right..?🤔Always Shining THEO Day☀️KEEHO's Taste 🍤I'm Bored😗Hmm..Weather is so humid...Mutter Mutter 🐿I hate rain....KEEHO's Taste 🐈‍⬛I came back!✋Let's play!!👍☀️KEEHO's Taste Have Connection in the Room... Radio Show Part 2!! 📺The Return of Kkaebi's Night Broadcast 📺What is everyone up to?🤔☀️KEEHO's Taste 🍎Boom Boom🕺🕺It's been awhile!🖐Popular TAKHO Came Back 🌮KEEHO's Taste ✈️OUNG in San Jose🙂Mumble Mumble✌️Mumble Mumble✌️Oh entered in America👊Today is Children's Day, Kiddie Harmony World🎈Why...am I like this..?What are you all doing?🤔Let's wrap up this week together!☀️With P1ece on an awesome day like this💕