P1Harmony Weverse LIVE - P1Harmony

Dec 13, 2020

➕ 12월 짝꿍 👬 인티째즈 ➕🚨 P1Harmony Surprise Appearance🚨➕ Picking December Partners➕ ➕November's Partner 👋 Oh Jiung➕➕November Buddies 👋 INKEETAKHO➕➕November Partners 👋 Precious SoJong➕HIT TAK✨ HIT TAK💕🌙On this Big, Bright Night🐿 Chatter Chatter16, Happy Jongseob Day💜🍟 SOUL's Story Starts with POTATOKEEHO's Sign1️⃣무엇이든 물어봐테오☀️Coffee Shop Where You Talk with Jongseob ☕️➕November Partners 👬 INKEETAKHO➕➕ NOVEMBER PARTNER 👬 ➕➕November Partners 👬 Precious SoJong➕[Full] P1Harmony DEBUT ALBUM SHOWCASE <DISHARMONY : STAND OUT>🎃P1Halloween : Picking Partners 🎃A SIGN With P1HarmonyP1Harmony 🚨Debut D-5🚨P1Harmony 🚨Debut D-12🚨To a new world with P1Harmony!