Notice regarding PLAVE Yejun's schedule adjustment

Hello. This is VLAST. On February 17th, due to ‘Yejun's’ health condition, we adjusted the schedule to ensure as much rest time as possible. Despite consistent care, ‘Yejun’s’ throat condition worsened, and he was recently diagnosed with the early stages of vocal nodules. Above all, rest is the top priority for ‘Yejun's’ recovery. To dedicate himself to recovering, we plan to minimize ‘Yejun's’ PLAVE live broadcasts and other schedules for the time being. As the health and happiness of PLAVE members are the top priority for ‘Forever-PLAVE’, VLAST will strive to do our best for the artist's health. We ask for ‘PLLI’s’ understanding regarding the adjustment of ‘Yejun's’ schedule. Thank you.