PRETTYMUCH Community Posts - Can't wait to travel the world again! - Edwin Honoret

May 25, 2021

Can't wait to travel the world again!

Anyone watch basketball??? I'm a Knicks fan and it's the first time they're playing in the playoffs in 8 years. LETS GOOOO!!!!WHICH ONES SHOULD I GET 🤔🤔🤔how i look in the mornings 😴new backpack 🎒Went to my first super smash bros tournament and I have some training to do hahahcan't wait to drop more music 😌cutting vocals 🎙hows everyone feeling today!I spy with my little eye... 🎣SUN BURNT !Back in LA....sunburnt tired and already missin Miami 😭I miss tour 💔morning to you too ed 😂morning!thank you to weverse for this great opportunity to connect with our amazing fans! BEANZ i just wanna say we love you guys so much thank you for all the constant support so we can make dope music for y...sooooo happy to be here :)HEYY GUYS!!!!whaddup weverse 🤣enjoyin some sushi while launching our weverse community! 😁YOOO !! thanks for all the warm welcomes 🙏 excited to be hereeeee 😍