PURPLE KISS Weverse LIVE - 채인 - Chaein

Aug 27, 2022

챙뿌들 그림 그리는 거 볼랭??💗챙뿌 모해?챙프 모여ㅕ~~~~!!막방 수고했졍🫶❤️😼챙이 또 다시 킨다 ^^챙이 배터리..더보기챙이 다시..더보기챙이랑 일욜 마무리 하즈앙나랑 얘기하실 플로리~??😳💗다시 온 채인이채인이가 왔써💗진짜진짜 라이브…❤️‍🔥n came to talk for a bit..🤓That Girl With Many Secrets..🤓Battery Died..I am going to the end for my birthday!!!!Anyone want to talk before dinner time~~ (I'm alone today.)Who Wants To Talk With Twisted Bread Stick?🥨woohaha채인이댜람지💗HiJust... gonna say hi…..Ireh appears againWhy is it already Sunday🙃💙🥲💜💜💜🌃💜🤓End Saturday With Ireh~~~☘️Master's Night🌙🌝Let's EatSpoiler Live..?🔫🌃NyaReally내 머리잘라따Dance Tonight🤩Goeun Karaoke2🎤Chaein Is Here... See MoreWhile practicing..Chaein Is Here... See MoreChange… Change…Chains Chaein~🔗🖤Souffle Time 🎶🎤Dosie-Ireh~~~~~~~Chaein is here 🖤Goeunsung... Dropping by for a second,Happy Ireh Day💜Swan Came For A Bit Today😚