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Happy Chaein's Day ๐ŸŽ‚ | ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค์˜ ๊ณผ๊ฑฐ์—์„œ ์˜จ ์ผ๊ธฐ -์ฑ„์ธ ํŽธ-ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS)๋Š” ๋ง์ด์•ผ #2 - ๋ ˆ๊ณ ๊ณ ๋ ˆ ํŽธ -[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 2023 The FESTA Tour in USA Behind #2[P.P.T] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS)์˜ ๋ฏธ๊ตญ ๋งˆํŠธ ํ„ธ๊ธฐ๐Ÿ›’ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS)๋Š” ๋ง์ด์•ผ #1 - ๋„ํ‚ค๋„ํ‚ค ์ฟต์ฟต ํŽธ -[.MPk3] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค ์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) - Emily Burns 'Iโ€™m So Happy' | ๐ŸŽต #1 ์ˆ˜ํ”Œ๋ ˆ = swouffle ๐ŸŽตํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS)๊ฐ€ ์ „ํ•˜๋Š” 2024 ์ˆ˜๋Šฅ ์‘์› ๋ฉ”์‹œ์ง€[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 2023 The FESTA Tour in USA Behind #1Happy Yuki's Day ๐ŸŽ‚ | ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค์˜ ๊ณผ๊ฑฐ์—์„œ ์˜จ ์ผ๊ธฐ -์œ ํ‚ค ํŽธ-[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) PMK ์ œํ”„ ์ดˆ์ด์Šค(Jeffโ€™s Choice) ํ™”๋ณด Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) KCON SAUDI ARABIA 2023 Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' ํ™œ๋™๊ธฐ Behind #2ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 2023 The FESTA Tour in USA Teaser[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' ํ™œ๋™๊ธฐ Behind #1[Magazine] Purple Kiss Playlist[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' MV Behind #2[P.P.T] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS)์˜ ์†กํŽธ ๋นš๊ธฐ๐ŸŒ• (Feat. ํผํ‚ค ์ง€๊ธˆ ๋ญ ํ•˜๋Š” ๊ฑด๊ฐ€)ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS)๊ฐ€ ์ „ํ•˜๋Š” 2023 ์ถ”์„ ์ธ์‚ฌ ๋ฉ”์‹œ์ง€[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' MV Behind #1[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' Recording Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'FESTA' Spoiler Busking Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' Dance Practice Behindํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' Interview Ver.[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'FESTA' Jacket Behindํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' MV Performance Videoํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' Dance Practiceํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' MV Commentaryํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' ์‘์›๋ฒ•ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' MVํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' MV Teaser #2Happy Na Go Eun's Day ๐ŸŽ‚ | ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค์˜ ๊ณผ๊ฑฐ์—์„œ ์˜จ ์ผ๊ธฐ -๋‚˜๊ณ ์€ ํŽธ-ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '7HEAVEN' MV Teaser #1ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'FESTA' Highlight Medley (Inst ver.)ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'FESTA' Highlight Medley (Vocal ver.)ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'FESTA' Concept Video #2ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'FESTA' Concept Video #1[P.P.T] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค์˜ ๋žœ๋ค ์—ฌ๋ฆ„๋ฐฉํ•™๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ–๏ธํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'FESTA' Logo Motion[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) RBW 2023 SUMMER FES๏ผšOver the Rainbow Behindํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'RBW 2023 SUMMER FES' Dance Medley Dance Practiceํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'RBW 2023 SUMMER FES' Dance Medley Practice Video[P.S.NOTE] ์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' ํ™œ๋™๊ธฐ Behind #2[P.S.NOTE] ์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' ํ™œ๋™๊ธฐ Behind #1[P.S.NOTE] ์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' Recording Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Love Is Dead' Performance Video Behind์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) '๋‚˜๋ฅผ ๋น„์ถ”๋ฉด (Be my everything)' Special Clip[P.S.NOTE] ์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' MV BehindHappy SWAN's Day ๐ŸŽ‚ | ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค์˜ ๊ณผ๊ฑฐ์—์„œ ์˜จ ์ผ๊ธฐ -์ˆ˜์•ˆ ํŽธ-์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' MV Making Film์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค) (English ver.)' Special Clip์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' ์‘์›๋ฒ•์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' MV์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' ์ฒญ์ŒํšŒ(Pre-Listening)์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' Highlight Medley์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' MV Teaser์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) 'Twenty (Prod. ์ •ํ‚ค)' Logo Motionํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Love Is Dead' Performance Video[PURPLEMANCE] YOASOBI '็ฅ็ฆ(์ถ•๋ณต)' by ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค ๋‚˜๊ณ ์€, ์ด๋ ˆ(PURPLE KISS Na Go Eun, Ireh) | Vocal Cover[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 2023 KBO 'ํ‚ค์›€ ํžˆ์–ด๋กœ์ฆˆ ์‹œ๊ตฌ ์‹œํƒ€' Behindํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Love Is Dead' Dance Practice[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) KCON JAPAN 2023 Behind[P.P.T] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) ํœด๊ฐ€ V-log #4[P.P.T] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) ํœด๊ฐ€ V-log #3[P.P.T] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) JAPAN OFF DAY V-log[Special] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Autopilot' Self MVHappy Ireh's Day ๐ŸŽ‚ | ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค์˜ ๊ณผ๊ฑฐ์—์„œ ์˜จ ์ผ๊ธฐ -์ด๋ ˆ ํŽธ-[P.P.T] ์นจ์ž…์ž ์†จ๋‹ˆ์˜ ๋ฐฉ ํ„ธ๊ธฐ๐Ÿ—๏ธ| ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) ์ผ๋ณธ ํ˜ธํ…” ๋ฃธ ํˆฌ์–ด[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) JAPAN 1st LIVE Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'DEAR VIOLET' TOKYO Promotion Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'DEAR VIOLET' OSAKA Promotion Behind[PURPLEMANCE] ๋‰ด์ง„์Šค(NewJeans) 'Ditto' by ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) ๋‚˜๊ณ ์€, ๋„์‹œ (Na Go Eun, Dosie) | Vocal Cover[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' ํ™œ๋™๊ธฐ Behind #2[ใญ! ใ“ใ‚†ใ] ้Ÿ“ๅ›ฝใ‚ฌใƒผใƒซใ‚บใ‚ฐใƒซใƒผใƒ—MVๆ’ฎๅฝฑใƒ“ใƒใ‚คใƒณใƒ‰ | 'Sweet Juice' MV Behind ใ“ใ‚†ใ่ฆ–็‚น[PURPLEMANCE] ๋ฐฉํƒ„์†Œ๋…„๋‹จ ์ •๊ตญ(BTS JUNG KOOK) 'Dreamers' by ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) ์ˆ˜์•ˆ(SWAN) | Vocal Cover[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' ํ™œ๋™๊ธฐ Behind #1[P.P.T] ์ง€๊ธˆ ์šฐ๋ฆฌ ํผํ‚ค๋Š” ๐Ÿซ : ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) Debut 2nd Anniversary ๐ŸŽ‰ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '์•„์ง€ํŠธ (agit)' Performance Video[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 1theK 'W.W.C & ๊ทผ๋ณธํ”ฝ' ์ดฌ์˜ Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Cabin Fever' Showcase Behind[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' MV Behind #2ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) '์•„์ง€ํŠธ (agit)' Dance Practice[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' MV Behind #1ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' MV Commentary[P.S.NOTE] ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' Dance Practice Behindํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' MV Performance Video[P.P.T] ์ธ์†”๋ฆฌํ†  ํ˜ธํ…” ์˜คํ”ˆ ๊ธฐ๋… ์ด๋ฒคํŠธ๐Ÿจ | INSOLITO HOTEL Opening Ceremony Event๐Ÿจํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' Dance Tutorialํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 5th Mini 'Cabin Fever' ์•จ๋ฒ” ์–ธ๋ฐ•์‹ฑ (Feat. ํผ.๊พธ in OR)ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' Dance Practiceํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Intro : Save Me' Dance Practiceํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' Recording Behindํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' ์‘์›๋ฒ•ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' MVํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Cabin Fever' Highlight Medleyํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' MV Teaser #2Happy Dosie's Day ๐ŸŽ‚ | ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค์˜ ๊ณผ๊ฑฐ์—์„œ ์˜จ ์ผ๊ธฐ -๋„์‹œ ํŽธ-ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Sweet Juice' MV Teaser #1ํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Intro : Save Me' Performanceํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Cabin Fever' Concept Trailerํผํ”Œํ‚ค์Šค(PURPLE KISS) 'Cabin Fever' Logo Motionnext page